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Dec 2017
Sam Korn
Dec 11 2017 17:06
Anyone know how to select an architecture with NVM? Using a service that cross compiles and wraps up a raspberry pi docker images, and the builder cannot find latest binaries for armv8, so it tries to compile which takes forever. I want to choose armv6

@charginghawk I am using this currently in my dockerfile:<code> ENV NVM_DIR /root/.nvm


RUN curl -o- | bash \
&& source $NVM_DIR/ \
&& nvm install $NODE_VERSION \
&& nvm alias default $NODE_VERSION \
&& nvm use default \
&& npm install http-server </code>

Jordan Harband
Dec 11 2017 19:43
@sako0938 there's no "select an architecture"; if nvm won't install on your arch, and there's no node compiler flags that can make it do so, then your arch isn't supported by node
Sam Korn
Dec 11 2017 19:45
My architecture is supported, ended up just not using nvm and including the lts binary for my architecture within my repo. My problem is related to having a different system building the image than actually running it.
Jordan Harband
Dec 11 2017 20:47
ah. yeah that's just always going to cause problems
your build machine should always be identical to your production machine, for tons of reasons