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Aug 2015
Léon Talbot
Aug 12 2015 17:43
Hello Chris! I need to do a form app for thursday night.
Would love to use reagent reagent-forms with matchbox. Though I have the feeling I'll be a bit short in time
Everything could be opensource. Would you care for helping out like tonight or tomorrow night?
Do you have time?
COuld also provide a small budget for this
let me know!
The first version would'nt have an adminitrations interface for building the form.
Léon Talbot
Aug 12 2015 18:01
Just a firebase backend with two main structures.
{:id "3"
:timestamp "2013-08-10 11:20:22"
:district ["Manhattan"]
:idea "Create a parc near fifth avenue"
:desc "Would be awesome to have a park on broadway near fith avenue."
:supporters ["" "" ""]
:category "Green"}
users (no login nor account yet)
{:created "2013-08-10 11:20:22"
:fullname "Leon Talbot"
:email ""
:zip-code "G21 2C5"
:age "32"
:annual-revenue ""
:subscribe-idea-alerts true
:subscribe-volonteer-idea-alerts false
:subscribe-district-alerts true}
users browse ideas by districts and categories. They check (checkboxes) the ideas the want to support, they can also add on the fly ideas, then they sign their support with personnal information and send this