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Sep 2015
Zsolt Kovács
Sep 22 2015 14:03
Lets try this
Andy, do you mind if I update ModuleImport.create(...) to return the Path it has created?
similarly to Bootstrap.verifyResource()
Zsolt Kovács
Sep 22 2015 14:14
Andrew Branson
Sep 22 2015 17:18
Yep, good idea. Those Importx
classes are the right things to use for creating items and agents.
It's probably better to use that stuff exclusively instead of the Bootstrap methods
Zsolt Kovács
Sep 22 2015 20:45
Bootstrap.verifyResource() also used during ModuleImport
also, ImportItem and ImportAgent are linked with Description classes, but the DSLBuilder classes are Description themselves
so DSL cannot use them without some changes