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i've got no clue how this stuff works and i've been drinking tonight
that means i want someone to explain how to install and use all this stuff btw
do i just chuck everything into the main folder?
why thank you, imaginary other half of this conversation! that's good advice! thank you!
no you're a cutie!
please, you're making me blush!
huh yeah
can't get the mod i want working
despite the fact that the logs say the stuff is working
the scripthook and such
is there seriously nobody who's not afk?
Jimmy Lundberg
I got mine to work and I'm probably not qualified to help unless you're facing similar problems to what I did, but send me a message on discord if you want to take a look at it. jimlun#7954
Bill Jeans Not my Glover
When will the most recent version be taken out of dev_2 I can't use it on ANY mods in /scripts and the older versions aren't compatible with mouse steering and the newest GTA V update
hey, real confused about how to go about adding the scripthook to my libraries
just gives me "a reference to 'le scripthookv file path' could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component."
There are any documentation about Script Hook V and all functions that we can use? I cannot find any doc from the library.
Hello, I have a problem with the GTA.UIText, there is anyway to get the position?
hi there. i'm currently wondering how exactly Game.PlayMusic() is used (as far as directory formatting goes). i understand that its usage is to play in game music files, but i'm unsure of how to specify which file to play.
i hate to be THAT person but um
This place is pretty dead, you'd be better of asking on the issues page of a project that uses it tbh.
Hello i get always fatall error.
John-John Tedro
Hey, is there any way to log errors manually in the logfile without having the bot crash?
I also wanted to ask about something weird I've seen. I'm on a fairly basic level when it comes to C#, but I created a new project in visual studio and added a reference to the DLL. However, I've noticed that some of the functionality which is available in the source of Script Hook V .NET is not available or at least visible for completion through the latest binary dll. Like Game.IsCutsceneActive. Is there a reason for this?
John-John Tedro
Oh, the source is an upcoming major version 3, and the releases are major version 2? They are different branches?
Hello all :)
I have a question, it's about sleep/timing/wait script. There's a way to sleep a part of the script ?
    for (int i = 0; i <= position.Length; i++)
        UI.Notify($"~g~Teleported to~s~: {position[i].ToString()}");
        Game.Player.Character.Position = position[i];
Want to do something like this
hey can somebody help me im about to change franklin to quavo
but im already strugglin
Anyone available?
Pascal Kordas
Is anyone still active here?
Pascal Kordas
If someone is interested I created a discord server in the hope it will be more active than this one https://discord.gg/67ZWfV
is this compatible with all gta v versions? i have 1.0.350.1 does it work?
John-John Tedro
@Cr1TiKa7 link no longer valid
Amir Cohen
Hey, this gitter is inactive?
Damn, untill i finally do something 🐱
sebastiaan van Rijn
is there a way to instead of vehicle.setmod to remove mods from vehicles?
Hello everyone, this question is probably simple for a lot of users, the last is simple. How to spawn a bodyguard ? Thank's. (PS : sorry for my bad English i'm French )
hey does anyone know how to fix the issue where you can't change your camera angles after installing the mod?
im new to mods so please inform me if im completely off
The Ligtheur
hello i have a problem with scripthookvdotnet when i install it in my gta my game crash and do not run
yannox gaming ytb
I do not have the right version anymore, are you working on it pls?
HI! New around here, is this still used?
// GTA V SCRIPT HOOK (build Jul 27 2019, v1.0.1737.0)
// (C) Alexander Blade 2015-2019
[20:23:02] INIT: Started
[20:23:02] INIT: Success, game version is VER_1_0_1737_0_STEAM
[20:23:02] INIT: Registering script 'ScriptHookVDotNet.asi' (0x00007FFAC9141390)
this is as far as it gets with new update then game crashes
cant even open the game to choose story mode
Corey Frazier
Hello i have followed all instructions and am having difficulty accessing the files for mods in GTA 5 can anyone help?
I have script hook downloaded and press F4 to open it. But nothing shows up for my Ghost Rider Mod.