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    skazi0 closed #368
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    skazi0 commented #368
  • Sep 21 22:06

    skazi0 on 5.0-pike

    upgrade: Fix pie chart colors o… [5.0] upgrade: Fix pie chart co… (compare)

  • Sep 21 22:06
    skazi0 closed #1927
  • Sep 21 08:19

    dirkmueller on master

    Fix Cloud 8 no-op migrations (S… database: fix no-op migration 3… Merge pull request #2248 from j… (compare)

  • Sep 21 08:19
    dirkmueller closed #2248
  • Sep 21 08:18

    dirkmueller on master

    Add pci passthrough filter (SOC… Merge pull request #2247 from k… (compare)

  • Sep 21 08:18
    dirkmueller closed #2247
  • Sep 21 08:17

    dirkmueller on 5.0-pike

    Make ovs of_inactivity_probe co… Merge pull request #2260 from d… (compare)

  • Sep 21 08:17
    dirkmueller closed #2260
  • Sep 21 08:16

    dirkmueller on master

    glance: don't reuse sync mark n… Merge pull request #2262 from s… (compare)

  • Sep 21 08:16
    dirkmueller closed #2262
  • Sep 21 08:14

    dirkmueller on master

    nova: Don't autoselect nodes fo… Merge pull request #2258 from d… (compare)

  • Sep 21 08:14
    dirkmueller closed #2258
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    cdevitasuse commented #2216
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    stefannica review_requested #2265
Thomas Boerger
Welcome :)
Thomas Boerger
@rsalevsky write the houndci mail please :)
Edgar Nadal
Hi! Is there anyway to use Cinder with a PowerVault MD1220?
Thomas Boerger
i have no idea, but i asked on another channel
Thomas Boerger
16:02 < vuntz> I don't think there's a driver for that upstream (yet)
Jakub Wachowski
Hi all, I'm working on some PoC and was looking for some current documentation for Crowbar
the only docs Ive found are dated back to 2012-2013
maybe someone knows if there is anything up-to-date?
Rick Salevsky
@samirjorina Hi, what kind of documentation do you search?
Jakub Wachowski
@rsalevsky Hi, thanks for your replay - I was looking for some developer's guide, but I got some hints from SUSE folks on some other webchat
Anyone got a suggestions for changing the target disk for a host OS? I'm installing a SUSE Cloud via Crowbar and my operating system is going onto one of the storage disks for Ceph
I suppose I could just yank out the other disks, then allocate, and put them back in after - but that might not be too doable when we're live!
Adam Spiers
@ScaffaCS That sounds like a bug - please can you report it via the usual channels?
Ümit Seren
According to the release notes of suse cloud 6 there should be some expert settings to disable the automatic creation of nova_fixed and nova_floating networks. I can't find it in the deployment guide. Anybody knows how to disable that ?
Juan J. Martínez
I'm having a problem with a node with two NICs; crowbar_register fails randomly because dhcpd sometimes assigns the IP of the admin network to the wrong MAC address; Is there anything I'm missing or is this a bug?
this is with Cloud 7, btw
HongQuan Fu
named failed to start after using crowbar to deploy suse openstack cloud7.
Nothing useful was provided by named
which only said load configuration failed
Anybody here ?
Pier-Luc Gagnon
I'm looking for something to get from "nothing" (bare metal machines sitting around) to OpenStack. From what I gather from the main webpage, crowbar seems like a good start. Am I mistaken? Is there a "from scratch" documentation anywhere?
Hello everyone
I need help with crowbar database
How can I delete/reset/recreate Crowbar Database?