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    SP Mohanty
    Hi everyone,
    You have been added to this channel because you have had been in a discussion with me regarding the crowdai gitlab based grading architecture. Until now, I had been having a lot of parallel discussions with each one of you around the same things, and hence decided that its better to put everyone in the same room ;) as many of your suggesstions, ideas, concerns are applicable to the other challenges as well.
    This message was deleted
    To quickly introduce the "factions" present here,
    we have the :
    • NIPS AI for Prosthetics challenge : @kidzik
    • NIPS Adversarial Challenge : @wielandbrendel , @jonasrauber , @bveliqi
    • Microsoft Marlo Challenge : @diegopliebana , @nkuno , @katja-hofmann
    • VizDoom Challenge : @mihahauke , @mwydmuch
    • WWW Musical Genre Recognition Challenge : @mdeff
    SP Mohanty

    Please do add others in your team who will be involved with the actual submission process and evaluation process of your challenge.

    The VizDoom Challenge is supposed to be (kind of ) launched in two weeks, so we will have a working pipeline for their challenge formalised by mid April.
    The WWW Music Challenge is already accepting submissions via repositories on gitlab.crowdai.org.
    Hence this channel will be a bit noisy with the grader based discussions for the VizDoom challenge at the moment, but as I mentioned, all the discussions will be relevant to each of your challenges too; and its best to focus all our efforts in the same directions.
    So dont be shy, suggestions and criticisms are very welcome.