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Oct 2015
Bernt Isak Wærstad
Oct 20 2015 10:37
A couple of new background picture tests
Tried some overlay stuff to make it a bit grittier
Though I see now it's a bit too much
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 11:54
I think it's too busy with the Csound text over the em, Csound text!
Steven Yi
Oct 20 2015 12:29
Maybe we can reduce the height of that area and do something like
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 13:07
That might work.
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 18:06
Hey guys. I've been discussing the website a little more with Eugene and the issue of front-ends has popped up. I've written a starting tutorial for Csound covering the basic syntax and the steps involved in setting up a first synth and effect. I was thinking that all information on the site would be frontend agnostic and deal only with the language of Csound. Where possible, links to resources for learning about frontends should be supplied. Eugene would rather see some simple frontend tutorials on the site. I can see his point, but worry about maintaining tutorials for lots of front ends. I'm all for instructions on how to set up Csound on different devices, i.e., iOS, Android, Raspberry PI, etc. And calling Csound from different languages through the API. But somehow I'm not a fan of providing tutorials for using Cabbage Blue, CsoundQT, Csound-Emacs, etc. What do you think? I'm happy to go with the general consensus.
Eugene Cherny
Oct 20 2015 18:17
Hi, I just copypaste a letter I've sent to Rory:
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I think we need to reflect the multifaceted nature of Csound on the main site by providing solutions for simple problems using different front ends. For example, building a GUI in CsoundQt, VST plugin with Cabbage or do some scientific stuff with ipython notebook. In the end of each tutorial we can say, that this was just a simple example, for more details go to a main website. All people start studying new technology from the main site, and they learn what it can do from the docs on the site. They easily can miss some frontend that could possibly solve their problem.

To be honest, a lot of people asking me, why do I use Csound, when there're, for example, SuperCollider, which is better as language. The reason is the community, that have built a lot if cool things with it, and the conference has only proved this point. That's why I try to add a bit of emphasis abour frontend use cases on the main site.

Steven Yi
Oct 20 2015 20:42

I just checked out the site from @oscii branch and it looks good. I'm also not sure about tutorials for each. I think what we might is something like a "I want to..." page, that has a break down like:

I want to...

Write Csound Code to make sounds:

There are many ways to code with Csound. You may use your favorite text editor, or use something like CsoundQT. (etc.)

Make Music with Timelines

... Blue, etc...

Use Csound within a VST Environment

... Cabbage ...

Create Realtime Works

... Cabbage, CsoundQt, Blue, etc...

Make Csound-based Desktop Applications

  • Csound API Examples
  • Csound for OSX

Make Android Applications with Csound

  • Csound for Android SDK

Make iOS Applications with Csound

  • Csound for iOS SDK
  • AudioKit

Embed Csound in Raspberry Pi

  • link to csound journal articles, etc.

Find out more information

  • Floss Manual, Ref Manual, books
The new style looks good btw; some of the text formatting is off but otherwise looks good. I'm also thinking we may want to get rid of the sidebar and just have that info located within appropriate sections.
Bernt Isak Wærstad
Oct 20 2015 21:50
I like the idea of that list
And we could link to showcase projects for each section?
That we can show of a lot the actual stuff people make with Csound
I was about to ask what you meant about the sidebar
But then I realised the links section is on every page except front page
I would say it would be good to remove it
takes up a lot of space and clutters up the page a bit
Bernt Isak Wærstad
Oct 20 2015 22:21
Something along the lines of this you meant Steven?
I just did this very quickly in photoshop, so don't worry about quality or anything
Just trying to get a sense of the layout
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 22:23
It's getting there. I'm not sure about text though. I would rather avoid statements like how great it is, or stuff of that nature. Source code says it all. It's just a matter of fitting it in somehow!
Steven Yi
Oct 20 2015 22:27
+1 getting there. Maybe we don't need the central "Csound" section that's beneath the code/text. If we have an automatic advancing set of screenshots/texts (things like "Make music hardware", "Make Sounds and Music", "Csound on your phone and tablet", "Signal Processing Research"). The images wouldn't all have to be code either (i.e., the embedded one could show Cosmo or a Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS logos, etc.)
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 23:13
I made a much simpler background banner. Maybe? Maybe not.
My preference is for a static banner. Simple and clean. And less work. it's just a matter of finding the right one!
Steven Yi
Oct 20 2015 23:16
Thats fine too. :) we also don't have to get everything perfect this first round in tetms of pictures. We should maybe move on to the sitr structure and organization, and work on new pages like the showcase.
Rory Walsh
Oct 20 2015 23:24
Exactly. Is the 'get started' page OK? I pushed one today but some of it might clash with your 'I want page'?
Bernt Isak Wærstad
Oct 20 2015 23:41
Making it black and white helped a bit
I think a static banner makes sense for now at least
And we could discuss a dynamic one once there are more showcases etc. to show off.
(with different types of images apart from code, as Steven suggests)