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Oct 2015
Rory Walsh
Oct 23 2015 20:51
I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to incorporate some of the journal stuff. In branch I've add Brian Redfern's journal article about setting up Csound on Android. But I had to manually copy and paste stuff. Do authors submit in markdown? That would be great, but I fear it's not the case? Even still, are there plain text copies anywhere?
In fact, maybe we should just redirect to the articles? Or can we embed them into the new site somehow? ye are a great resource. And there already exists lots of articles on the topics we proposed to cover.
Rory Walsh
Oct 23 2015 21:04

The other issues with using directly is that it makes it messy to add several entries under one topic. I wonder if it would be best to provide some introductory text on each area and then links? The section on Android development might look like this for instance:

Csound on Android.

Making your own music app with Csound is extremely rewarding and exciting, and you do not have to understand every single aspect of Android app development to get started. You build your app based on the Android Csound player, or you can develop your very own customised applications. Given below are the best resources available to get you started.

Link 1: In this article Brain Redfern guides you through the setting up and development of a Csound based Android app(project files provided).
Link 2: In this article Art Hunkins writes about his latest compositisons using his own custom Csound Android Player.
Link 3: In this article Brain Redfern discusses the stock Android CSD Player. (Project files provided)
Link 4: This could be you!