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Oct 2015
Rory Walsh
Oct 27 2015 17:14
I just checked out the syntax highlighting there. Thanks for doing this @oscii . I find some kind of darker colour at the back helps to find the code easier in the examples. At present ti blends too easily into the body text. Even a grey would do fine I think. I also thing variables should be a different colour. Right now I think they blend into the constants and the keywords too much. I must have a look at how you did this. Was it tricky?
p.s. I know there is already a light grey background to the coe, but I think it could be a shade darker..
Eugene Cherny
Oct 27 2015 21:28
JS library called rainbow is responsible for highlight. I extended it with simple regular expressions in csound.syntax.js file, and the code theme is in custom.css file.
There are a number of themes in the rainbow itself, but I couldn't make it work by including .css file, so I just copied the github theme to custom.css directly.