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Nov 2015
Rory Walsh
Nov 07 2015 17:53
Thanks Steven. With regards to the create and the project pages, I still think we need to have a clear distinction between the two. For example should we include links to tutorials for Blue? Or should Blue be in the project page? Or Cabbage, or anything else for that matter? What's the different between a project and tools listed on the 'create' page? Blue is a project, and a fine examples of what can be done with Csound in the real world. So is AudioKit? This ambiguity is putting me off writing more for the create section. I really think we will end up duplicating material. Can someone try to convince me otherwise?! Really, I need convincing!
Bernt Isak Wærstad
Nov 07 2015 20:33
Maybe the project page needs a different name?
I think there is a difference between development projects (in lack of a better term) and musical projects (also in lack of better term)
For instance: the cosmo project is a development project, while me and Alex playing a show with the cosmo boxes is a musical projects
And I think there is good idea to keep a distinction between these types of Csound projects