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Jan 2015
Jan 28 2015 18:09
hi guys! great job done! I was wondering how to get all answers for a particular question, any ideas? something like Quora.question['all_answers']
Rohith PR
Jan 28 2015 19:37
Thanks to infinite scroll on Quora this hasn't been done so far.
You could use Quora.get_latest_answers('what-is-python') and Quora.get_top_answers() (oh wait, this hasn't been done yet!) Someone should do it.
Christopher Su
Jan 28 2015 22:51
We don't do it and I don't think we should because a past API did include answers, and they got a cease and desist from Quora for including answer content
We haven't gotten one yet, and I suspect not including answer content is one of the reasons why