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Josemy Duarte

Hello everyone, I am using jest cucumber on top of jest puppeteer & into jest.setup file under afterEach I am capturing the screen shot .. but unable to linked them to cucumber report ? (Cucumber.json file is created but unable linked failed screenshot)

jest-cucumber version 2.0.12

Daniel Montesinos
Hello! is there any tool to document all the step-definitions we have defined within a project?
I'm trying to make an npmjs package for cucumber so that a developer can just write cucumber files. Is there an example of that that someone can point me to? Or documentation on how to do it?
Hmm, the messages in here seem to be from long ago without answers. Is there a more active place to ask there questions?
In case you didn't find out yet, @vrudhay , I think it depends on your testing library. For something like chai, it would be something like `expect( something() ).to.throw(). Your testing framework documentation would have more info.
@kamolins : Are folks still active in this chat anymore?
Sorry to pick on you. It was the name I saw in the last commit, so it has a chance of being active.
A more useful question would be - is there someplace that is more active for these kinds of conversations?
I wonder if there's a way to add an automatic message in here.
How to get failed step name in after hook?
1 reply
Andrea Richiardi
Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to load some data from a file within features files in cucumber-js
I know about the """ syntax but it can get pretty verbose
Sivakumar ithanaboina
Hello, I have a string in feature file as "St
KaTeX parse error: Can't use function '$' in math mode at position 34: …onverted to "St$̲ng" when passed…: ng", it is being converted to "St$ng" when passed to step definition file. 
is changing to $, it used to work properly ($$ provided in feature file, same can be accessed in stepdefinition file) in V5 cucumber but after I upgrade to V6, I am facing this issue. Can someone guide me, if there is any change in the regex formats in feature file?
hi, anyone knows how to keep a string in Gherkin table with the space in the first place index?
can some one help me in printing values /text messages in cucumber html report?
like we do scenario.write() in cucumber java?
Avinash Upadhyaya K R
@umamaheswaripolisetti you can use this.attach('text');
Refer - https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-js/blob/master/docs/support_files/attachments.md
i tried using this.attach ,but didn't work ,it shows me an error,tried many ways but could find a right solution
iam using protractor -cucumber
17 replies
@avinashupadhya99 ,Many thanks ,Appreciate ur help :)
instead of proractor multiple cucumber html report - I changed ot protractor simple html report.then i got the values ,but with \n

is it possible to run tags with certain order? I would like to run this four scenarios in this order
node index.js -t '@staySignedIn','@createApplication','@createFunction','@addFunctionParameter'

but it starts with '@createApplication'.... appreciate ur help :)

1 reply
Hello, there, Could you please help me to execute multiple Cucumber feature files with node.js?
5 replies
Ben Ifie
Hi guys could someone help Im trying to figure out how to use this function in version 5.x
setDefinitionFunctionWrapper(function(fn, options) {
  return function(...args) {
    // call original function with correct `this` and arguments
    // ensure return value of function is returned
    return fn.apply(this, args)
      .catch(error => {
        // call a method on world
        // rethrow error to avoid swallowing failure
        throw error;
can somebody suggest how to embed PDF files into the Cucumber Cypress preprocessor JSON output file? Any help will be greatly appreciated
Hey I have a dumb question - my world.js file is getting really big. I'd like to break it into different files and put them in subfolders, so the world functions that are dedicated to specific support files can live in the same folder with the support files. Is the only way to do this to extend the base CustomWorld class that lives in world.js?
Ben S
Hi All! I see that BeforeStep and AfterStep have made it into master, which is a feature I have been waiting for. I'd like to know when master will get a new tag/version (like v7.0.0-rc.0)?
How to run all the feature files together in wdio.conf.js? When I tried to run with,
cucumberOpts: {
require: ['./tests/features/step_definitions/*.js'], - It doesn't work.
It only works, when I apply a single step definition file.
Megha Shelare
How can i import asynchronous function in cucumber.js file
1 reply
Is it possible to programatically set step timeout? I am running cucumber scenarios on AWS Lambdas and I have a duration limit I want to target. I figure I can work out how long is left of that limit and then alter step timeout at runtime. Have experimented with this concept, but not sure it's possible?
1 reply
Hi Team,
I am using <dependency>
Now in my TestRunner class CucumberFeatureWrapper is warning as cannot be resolved to a type
can I get any help here?
Phil Chen
Anyone have example on how to set the "add-module-exports" on .babelrc for babel7?
1 reply
Am a newbie here - await this.page.click("//button[contains(., 'Submit')]") -- this line is throwing a DOM Exception Error - can someone please help me out?
4 replies
@danielcb29 , did you get solution for your issue "Error: function uses multiple asynchronous interfaces: callback and promise."
we have same issue with our cucumberjs step defination where we are using Fetch request with setInterval for polling response from que system
protractor-cucumber testcases are working fine in my local-jenkins pipeline.but the scripts are failing in remote server jenkins pipeline.can some one help me on this?any tips?
Amr Salem

Hye there,

Is there any way to use before and AfterAll hooks explicitly for certain feature files?

Krishna Kumar Singh
I am putting 'setDefaultTimeout(60000)' in 'onPrepare' function inside 'protractor.conf.js'. Still, the getting timeout after 5000ms in async/await execution. Where should I put 'setDefaultTimeout'??
Ian Harrigan
Hi all, any thoughts on why i might be getting:
import { Vars }             from "./lib/Vars";

SyntaxError: Unexpected token {
when using my lib as a node module via npm install, but when i use the same lib from a symlink it all works fine?
this is using ts-node/register, but i really cant understand what the differences between the two setups could be