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we have same issue with our cucumberjs step defination where we are using Fetch request with setInterval for polling response from que system
protractor-cucumber testcases are working fine in my local-jenkins pipeline.but the scripts are failing in remote server jenkins pipeline.can some one help me on this?any tips?
Amr Salem

Hye there,

Is there any way to use before and AfterAll hooks explicitly for certain feature files?

Krishna Kumar Singh
I am putting 'setDefaultTimeout(60000)' in 'onPrepare' function inside 'protractor.conf.js'. Still, the getting timeout after 5000ms in async/await execution. Where should I put 'setDefaultTimeout'??
Ian Harrigan
Hi all, any thoughts on why i might be getting:
import { Vars }             from "./lib/Vars";

SyntaxError: Unexpected token {
when using my lib as a node module via npm install, but when i use the same lib from a symlink it all works fine?
this is using ts-node/register, but i really cant understand what the differences between the two setups could be
Krishna Kumar Singh
Ilja Pavlovs
Hi all! So I am trying to switch from Cucumber JVM to Cucumber JS, and have a question - is it possible to convert Data Tables into JSON objects automatically in Cucumber JS, as you can convert Data Tables into Java Model seamlessly in Cucumber JVM?
1 reply
Clive Galway
Does anyone know how to fix SonarQube not liking this cucumber syntax?
Basically it does not like the comma after Given
Both of these errors are caused by having Given, When(...)
ie notice that the When step at the top of the screenshot is basically doing the exact same thing but no errors
Hi guys, I have a question... How to use external data for feature files?
LeanPro CukeTest
One comment on external data support, Cucumber in CukeTest does support external csv data file, check out http://cuketest.com/en/features/examples.html
Pls let me know If there is any possibility to get scenario name in stepdefination
Bill Warner
I was looking for a way of doing this as well
Bill Warner
@bala465 looks like you have to do it in the before function

Hello everybody. I need to assert an error is thrown I did some research but couldn't find anything so far.

 Scenario: Try to get data from an unparsable XML file

    Given "src/testdata/shibIdpMetadata.xml" exists in local file system
        And XML data is invalid
    When client call getFromFile with the valid file path
    Then It should throw a specific Error

Would you have any idea how is the best approach to achieve it?

Hoan Nguyen
Hello everybody. What’s the best way for setup and teardown test data in a complex project?
hello! I'm having trouble getting a Before hook to run only on one scenario. tried using tags but it doesn't work, the hook is applied to other scenarios as well.
here is the question on stackoverflow. thanks!
Hii...! I am trying to generate allure reports in cucumber but I am unable to create them can anyone please help me with this
Is it possible use defineParameterType with docstring?
2 replies
hi guys, currently I'm having a problem to run the tests in the gitlab pipeline, it seems to be related with cucumber, I was using cucumber like as dependency, but today I updated it to @cucumber/cucumber, in the local machine it is working fine, but it fails in the pipeline, maybe somebody knows why it is happening? please pleaseee
Matías J. Magni
Hi all, I'm working with cypress-cucumber-preprocessor and I'm trying to get the scenario name on the step definitions. How can I do that?