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May 2015
Aslak Hellesøy
May 27 2015 07:22
After the rename I want to create a new cucumber/cucumber project. I don’t know how that would affect redirects. I assume they would break...
The purpose of that repo would be to have a place for developers to share cross-platform stuff.
For starters I think a wiki would be sufficient. Not sure we need any code there.
I’d start by documenting the Cucumber architecture.
May 27 2015 22:45
I would like to add "With" to the family of "Given, When, Then, And, But". I found Cucumber::RbSupport::RbDsl.alias_adverb("With") aliases register_rb_step_definition to :With. However, when I have cucumber process a step beginning with "With", I get a lexing error. Where should I perform this alias?