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Sep 2015
Matt Wynne
Sep 04 2015 07:34
Hi @vanatomas I believe @cheezy has been looking into that recently
Hi @pittgoose I think you’ve had some responses from @brasmusson on Github issues. I’ve not kept up with the details. Are you getting anywhere useful?
Yehuda Miller
Sep 04 2015 08:37
@mattwynne I don't have a Mac to test my change on TextMate and I'm at a standstill. For now we've just created a custom formatter with the fixed method and inheriting from The html formatter, which is not ideal.
Matt Wynne
Sep 04 2015 08:44
Right. We need to find a TextMate user for you to work with.
How about you @diabolo are you still using TextMate?
Dennis Demenschonok
Sep 04 2015 12:04
@mattwynne ok I hope to see updates. Cool that @cheezy is here as well, I read his book