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Nov 2015
Dennis Günnewig
Nov 27 2015 12:40
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Dennis Günnewig
Nov 27 2015 12:41
@danascheider I'm quite sorry, that I was impolite! My comment was not meant to insult you. It references the "3 years" in your comment "Ohhh you're looking at my old site that I haven't updated in 3 years"

The way I'm testing my app is working just fine.

Did I miss something?

Dennis Günnewig
Nov 27 2015 12:47

I don't have a web site and I don't want one. People who want to contact me can do so through Twitter or Github.

If I remember correctly, that you wrote you're a 1-person-startup. So I thought, giving you the hint that it was hard "to find" you on the web (as software developer) would be a good idea. :-/ Anyway, I'm sorry, that the conversation went this way.