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May 2016
May 02 2016 06:07
@enkessler yup that worked for me thanks a lot.
Sakib Mahmud
May 02 2016 09:52
Screenshot at May 02 15-49-02.png
Screenshot at May 02 15-46-44.png

When the test execution going on, suddenly we get this from our application.

Unexpected modal dialog (text: Unknown Error): "Unknown Error" (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledAlertError)

Where the popup of “Unknown error” will come we don’t know — that is known bug. If it occurs rest of the scenario fails to procced and we have “firefox webdriver is runing in background scenario and on top small popup stays”

Matt Wynne
May 02 2016 11:40
That doesn't sound like much fun @isakib. How can we help?
Sakib Mahmud
May 02 2016 13:30
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.19.07 PM.png

@mattwynne thanks for your response. This is not fun at all. I’ve applied few solutions
A) Close all the browser popup before test execution. Hasn’t worked as expected.
B) page.evaluate_script('window.confirm = function() { return true; }’) , override the confirm method to always return true. That way the dialog will never be displayed. Hasn’t worked as expected.
C) Later on during the test execution — I wanted to see the small popup (single or mutiple). (see attachment please)

Looks like, we have to find the bug from our application and kill that forever.

Matt Wynne
May 02 2016 17:29
Fixing the bug sounds like the best approach. Can you isolate a small test that reproduces it?
May 02 2016 20:03
Trying to figure out how to run cucumber features inside of Eclipse.
When I try and run them I get references a non-existing project.
The features do work in a .bat file.
When I try and add a project reference to the eclipse run as cucumber feature screen there are no projects in the browse box to pick from.
Samuel Roldan
May 02 2016 21:45
Is anyone experiencing an issue running Cucumber tests in Firefox where you land in the FireFox new user welcome screen and it gives you a "Your connection is not secure"? Has anyone encounter this issue in Firefox?
Matt Wynne
May 02 2016 22:18
@sam3k you could try asking on a capybara or selenium forum maybe? I've not seen that one myself, sorry.