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Aug 2016
Serghei Moret
Aug 03 2016 12:02
Hey guys, is there a way to have ruby autocompletion in gherkin steps? I mean that cucumber autocompletion itself works fine but I want to see there also ruby classes and methods
Matt Wynne
Aug 03 2016 20:32
@brasmusson @Spitigala do we have a bug report for this?
@JoeSSS I don't understand. Can you give more context / an example?
Sahan Pitigala
Aug 03 2016 20:58
@mattwynne I didn't see a previously filed issue in github. According to @brasmusson my problem is not reproducible in v. 2.4.0 but I can't confirm that as I haven't tried the latest version of cucumber yet. But as soon as I do, if the problem persists I will file a bug.