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Aug 2016
Aug 24 2016 04:01
does anyone see where I have a syntax error in this xpath?
Then element having xpath "//*[ @id=\'edit-vtabs-actions\']//a[ contains( text(), \'Add action\' ) ]" should be present
Aug 24 2016 17:32
try checking that xpath in FF xpath checker
Dave McNulla
Aug 24 2016 19:09
@nixfreak If I had so many tests, I would ask myself if I were testing functionality or content. There are ways to test content more effectively. Clean up means transactional records are deleted so the request id doesn't exist at the start of each test.
@nixfreak It's not dogma, it's maintainability.
Dave McNulla
Aug 24 2016 19:16
@blueice349 Why would you make the technical implementation details viewable in your cucumber scenario?
Then the Actions tab contains "Add action"
and keep the xpath hidden in the step definition.