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Feb 2017
Andrei Sheina
Feb 17 2017 12:34
Hello. Which html formatter do you guys use for cucumber? I've tried to install pretty_face, but looks like it's not working with cucumber 2.0, and looks like author do not maintain it anymore.
Eric Kessler
Feb 17 2017 18:05
@tzusman FYI: Cucumber captures puts output and displays is later. Try Kernel.puts if you want to see output immediately. I don't know what awesome_print is using under the covers, but it may be related.
Brian Carlson
Feb 17 2017 21:49
is there a way to run multiple profiles? I'm looking to solve a problem of similar to this. i have 2 webapps that use a shared library, and if that shared library changes source control lets me know and i need all my cucumber tests for both apps and the shared lib. So for example i'd like to accomplish something like cucumber -p <web app 1> -p <web app 2> -p <shared> cucumber 2.3.3 tells me, using profiles <a> and <b> and <c>, but only ever executes a.