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May 2016
May 18 2016 09:35
@tomarcafe привет, что-то не обновляется баланс на аккаунте блокчейна с автоапдейтом,
удалил-переезавел, все равно 0
Dima Starodubcev
May 18 2016 09:55
@/all Подтвердите платеж @ValeryLitvin за благие дела
Dima Starodubcev
May 18 2016 10:08
Чето я ступил. Не @all а @guryeva @lomashuk @vitalylvov @tomarcafe
May 18 2016 13:20
Konstantin Lomashuk
May 18 2016 14:46
@guryeva On the financial side, there has been a lot of hype about Bitcoin; distributed ledger systems which do not depend on central authority. I don’t know whether Bitcoin will work. I do believe blockchain technology is something profound - but my Prime Minister has told me: ‘Well, I think this is a solution looking for a problem’, meaning that we don’t know yet what will or won’t work. But because we believe that Singapore’s future does depend on us continuing to be a global financial centre, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has decided that we will create a “regulatory sandbox” for Fintech companies. What this means is that if any of you have an idea, product or service in financial industries - you can start-up, you don’t need prior approval from the MAS. You can do anything you like as long as you don’t cheat anyone and you will not be smothered by regulations; until you become big enough to actually be a threat to the financial system but at that point you would already be considered a success. A regulatory sandbox gives you a conducive environment to test and grow your ideas without having to apply for a licence or a permit. We will only take a regulatory interest in you when you become big and successful enough to be a major player in the financial system as a whole. This gives you opportunities to be free to start-up and grow as quickly as you can.
Это из выступления министра сингапура)
Ты можешь узнать что имеется ввиду под regulatory sandbox
Мы очень хотим там быть зарегистрированными, если действительно все так как здесь описано
это большое оппортьюнити!
Dima Starodubcev
May 18 2016 17:46
Это победа, парни!
Valery Litvin
May 18 2016 20:01
чуваки которые по дизайну подходили на ethereum russia
Konstantin Lomashuk
May 18 2016 20:39
@tomarcafe пирожок безвести пропал(
@tomarcafe У нас балансы в аккаунтах не обновляются??
точнее общая сумма
вообще цифры встали
пай уже минут 10 равен 259,206
Konstantin Lomashuk
May 18 2016 21:00
цифры зашевелились)