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Sep 2016
Dylan D'Silva
Sep 01 2016 06:46
Hello, thank you fro the cyber fund portfolio function. I find it very useful. However I was wondering if you intend to implement any other currencies to display other than USD. For example I'm from Australia. It would be nice to see my portfolio in AUD. Thanks again.
Sep 01 2016 12:27

@DylanDSilva31_twitter Hi. Surely, having multiple currencies is better, and somewhat a standard.
We currently have couple of stoppers with adding this feature, and other features.

Our team is small, and currently we work on forking steem blockchain for Russian community, rather than on cyber•fund;

Also, we currently migrating our app to another rendering engine [meteor app from blaze to react] - hence new features tend to be pushed to wishlist, rather than implemented. I expect active work on cyber•fund front-end resumes on mid-October.