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Nikita Voloboev
will the above be similar
im not sure how the .wrap gets used
Sergey Khristenko
Hi! Is there any spec-level timeout in cypress? Something like if test is running longer than 'n' mins then stop it and fail?
Nick // Shadow8P
Hey there, I'm probably just dum but I've been trying to out how to do something for a little while with no luck. Basically I have a platform I'm working in where we have 3 apps that share a "reset password" page. I'm trying to write tests for that reset password page using cypress, and one of the things I'm trying to test is that when the reset is complete, the user is automatically navigated back to the correct app. I'm getting some errors when I try to do that regarding "Blocked a frame with origin "http://localhost:8081" from accessing a cross-origin frame." Is there somewhere I need to add some config in cypress to allow my other pages to load? Thanks.
Abhinaba Ghosh
Is there any option to log error messages nicely? I was using throw new Error, but it is not the case anymore. Is there any command available like: cy.error() or cy.log('', {error:true})?
Hi amazing people here! Does anyone know how to integrate cypress with bamboo or harness? Thanks!
Hemant Choudhari

Hi there,
I have impltemented the OKTA but somehow its keep giving me OKTA login screen even though I see it working 200 response.

  1. Same OKTA login code works in electron
  2. Same code doesnt work in chrome.

I did some research and figured the "samesite " cookie related issue. I added a code
cy.set('sameSite', value). //i tried all values.
But still getting the error.

Does any one face this issue?

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.53.13 AM.png
it('test Login to atmos via OKTA', () => {

    console.log('inside the before', " user name -");

   //first cy.request you need to get a OKTA session token
      .then(resp => {
    const sessionToken = resp.body.sessionToken;

    method: 'GET',
    url: 'atmosURL&sessionToken=' + sessionToken,
    form: true,
    followRedirect: false
    }).then(respWithToken => {
    const url = respWithToken.redirectedToUrl;

    const token = url

    cy.visit(url).then(() => {

Ming Han Chung
When creating a node function using task in Cypress. Does it not run if I run chrome headless?
Kniaziev Oleksandr
hi all. is there any workaround how to test playback e.g. user click on play button and playback of song started. On my side I have problem only with logged in user, since anonymous can start playback and it really plays, but only samples. For logged in user I get errors and it is only when I use cypress, no issue with webdriver based frameworks.
error is blob:https://some-domain/d66d05e1-17d1-4c6c-9435-4cd8f2efbbd0 net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
also xhr eror: GET (aborted) /hlsaes/assets/mp4-320kbps/01/30/02/456A0F707C122835E050040A601051E1.mp4/seg-1-a1.ts?blah-blah-blah
All I need is just click play button and verify that playback time changed in player. Song itself is playable and can be played with same user logged in manually.
Kniaziev Oleksandr
Then('The user is able to start playback from search results',()=>{
    cy.get('.search-results__bestresult').within(($topresult) => {
        cy.get('[data-qa="image"]').trigger('mouseover').then((loc) => {
Victor Aprea
anyone have any experience with interacting with ng-select dropdowns in cypress?
my dev team is telling me that in CLI mode, a lot of errors are stemming from ng-select components and visibility / actionability that manifests in CLI mode but not GUI mode
obviously that's very adversely affecting our CI efforts
Victor Aprea
We get this sort of thing a lot in the CLI
Timed out retrying: expected '<span.ng-value-label>' to be 'visible' This element `<span.ng-value-label>` is not visible because it has CSS property: `position: fixed` and it's being covered by another element: `<div class="ng-input">...</div>`
Kalaivanee Ramsekar
can someone help me how to get the value of the property from the response in cypress?
Victor Aprea
I have elaborated and posted my comments above in a Stack Overflow post here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63384937/how-to-avoid-cypress-flakiness-using-ng-select-elements
any help or suggestions from the Cypress team and community would be greatly appreciated
hello, it works with postman, but threw 500 server error on cypress test. How come?
and why can't I sent a picture...
cy.request() failed on:
The response we recieved from your web server was:
500 : Server Error
Mikail Kilic
Does anyone else have the issue since upgrading to 4.12.1 that submitting a form doesn't work? Its working fine with 4.11
Max Savchuk
Hi, could anyone please explain why 'You cannot assign or work with the return values of any Cypress command. Commands are enqueued and run asynchronously.' (from Doc)
and why the below code doesn't work as expected.
const inputField = cy.get('[data-cy=inputField]')
Sam Grönblom
Has anyone seen the problem of Cypress reporting an error for an "after each" hook, even if you are not using any "after" hooks at all?
Mikail Kilic
cy.get('[data-cy=inputField]').then(input => {
    // Use cy.wrap to use Cypress comands again otherwise use jQuery
that should do your job @max.savchuk_gitlab
Max Savchuk
@Mikail184_gitlab thanks for the answer, i will try to use this
4 replies
i am supposed to generate a report from UI. But i am not sure how much time it takes to download.So in this situation i just cant set wait time .Can any one suggest the ideal way to achieve this?
Mikail Kilic
go to your console and in network, and clear the history and generate the report to see where it comes from, after that use cy.request()
            method: 'GET',
            url: ''

Hi. Is it possible to make a list of opened tabs?
The case is:

  1. I click on a button
  2. It generates the link and opens it in a new tab
  3. I have to navigate to this page and do some verifications

In case that Cypress does not support multi-tabs. It would be good to have a list of the opened tabs. So I can navigate to them.

Peter Scott
Does anyone know how to use EventSource? I can see support was added for it but there is no documentation to speak of.
I am trying to follow the example here cypress-io/cypress#2747 but no luck unfortunately
Hey all, the issue with '.get' that scrolls the screen is really annoying and it seems that it hasn't been fixed since 2017.
Is this on the roadmap? Are you aware of this issue and you think on a solution? any feedback is appreciated
I tried some of the workaround and they work on some of my tests but they don't work on all of them.
I find it really difficult using Cypress with this issue.
Michael Robson
Can someone help me debug an issue? The last couple of days my tests have been failing because when I click a button to submit a login form the page just reloads with an empty form. I can't reproduce this manually and nothing in the tests or application code as changed since the issue started
6 replies
Anas Fitiani
Did anyone notice that execution speed decreased after upgrading to 4.12?! weird one right?
Need help badly,a file downloads to my local after clicking on it from UI using cypress.I want my test to end there itself.But cypress keeps on waiting to load a new page .Pls help
Patrick Schaub
@sergom13_twitter we also have heavy problems here with the scroll behaviour stuff in cypress. would really like to disable it. somehow the workarounds are not working for us. Anybody can help here?
Hi, I'm working with Windows 10( Cypress: 4.11.0 and Browser: Chrome 84). When I'm trying to run test on Electron then everything is ok, but when I try to run tests with Chrome then Cypress is opening window with my application url ( url from baseURL - > e.g https://application-directory.com)), but other parameters from cy.visit('?/client_no=1003') gone.
James Gooding
anyone have a way to deal with code coverage for parallel runs? I.E., in pipelines, it tries to write the same file from the config for each machine...