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May 2016
Jacob Wright
May 20 2016 15:04
Haven't been active in here, but I've been continuing to work hard on Dabble. Built out and editor modeled after's (see and it's working well.
The basics for text entry are there. I'll be implementing the format menu next for formatting text selections.
Jacob Wright
May 20 2016 15:11
It's come along well and could stand to become its own project. Roadmap includes ordered/unordered lists, text substitusions (e.g. typing 1. + space should convert to an ordered list, and markup-style should be supported so # My heading could be converted to an H1), and images. Should be very similar to's editor when we're done.
both visually and under the hood.
Note that there is an existing project that duplicates medium's visual UI only (
Also, added the custom cursor the prototype had. And automatic focus mode too.
I've done some user testing with a couple of aspiring writers (one of which is a full-time usability guy that helped me hone my testing skills)
Overall the feedback was positive