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Jul 2016
Jacob Wright
Jul 19 2016 14:52
A few updates, I've updated the logo. I did not have permission to use the old logo's symbol and could not get it. The icon creator insisted it was an icon and not a logo and should not be used as a logo. :(
The downside to the new logo is it is not as clear in smaller sizes.
We can look at a rebranding after we have some users to provide feedback.
Speaking of, I'm looking good to get a release out for early September. I will do it without plot and character sections.
I want to get the core experience as solid as I can before spending time on these features.
I've added plugin "areas" to the right sidebar. And I've added a header at the top with the logo and plugin areas on the left and right for buttons in those areas.
I'm traking work in Trello which is much more organizable than Github issues. Plus I can keep track of all the work I need to do for a commercial product and not just the work for the open source project. It is public here
Jacob Wright
Jul 19 2016 15:01
The things needing to be done before launch are:
  • add book-scroll feature (scroll to location in book)
  • add screens for when Manuscript and Notes are selected
  • fill out text editor more
  • account creation & cloud storage
  • [bonus] NaNoWriMo plugin
Jacob Wright
Jul 19 2016 15:08
The NaNoWriMo plugin will come after launch actually. I want to have integration to encourage people to participate and automatically submit their words. I'm hoping to get Dabble used during this November.
Jacob Wright
Jul 19 2016 15:13
Early design ^ of the plugin.