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Aug 2015
Aug 19 2015 18:19
Hi everybody! I just stumbled over RISE and I am amazed!
I was now wondering, if there is still a way to get a slide overview as it used to be in the slideshows when TAB was pressed.
Aug 19 2015 18:37

One more questen, I found in a presentation, where it is said, that if I run:

from import ConfigManager
from IPython.utils.path import locate_profile
cm = ConfigManager(profile_dir=locate_profile(get_ipython().profile))
cm.update('livereveal', {
          'theme': 'serif',
          'transition': 'zoom',
          'start_slideshow_at': 'selected',

it would change something on the way the slide show is shown. I observe no effect. Do I have to run it in the notebook that includes the presentation/slides? The same issue I have if I want to change the size of the presentation (width, height).

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

Aug 19 2015 18:52

Ok, I have solved the second part. Hoever, the Tab question remains. Also, is there a place where I can find some information on what I can update livereveal with. Like:

  1. Theme and its options
  2. transition and its options
  3. and so on

Where could I do some read up?

Damian Avila
Aug 19 2015 20:10
@ambiorix21, "w" key should toogle the overview mode...
then, if you change some things as you showed above (no need to do it in the same presentation, you can use any notebook or even the console), you need to reload the notebook and start the slideshow again to take the changes...
themes and transitions are the available ones on reveal itself...
I don no recommend to use black (darky) themes, because they no play well with the notebook css...