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Aug 2015
Aug 26 2015 04:20
@damianavila just find how to configure loop, auto play slides , thanks so much
and I wanna know, is there any way to configure re-execute the cell when we loop, auto play the slides?
I have some data in real time coming in, and wanna build a graph report every refresh time
thank you all so much
Aug 26 2015 06:32
hi, why some notebooks can not be converted into slides ?
please take a look at it, thanks
the direction button even doesn't work
Damian Avila
Aug 26 2015 14:04
@litaotao, there should be a way to link the slidechange event with the execution of the cells... but that's probably not trivial and need customization... probably it could be done as an RISE extension/plugin? :wink:
about the screenshot... I would need to see the ipynb to check where could be the problem... can you share it?
Joris Van den Bossche
Aug 26 2015 14:12
@litaotao based on your screenshot: is it possible that you didn't edit the metadata of the cells to indicated the slides (it looks like it is interpreted as one huge slide). You have to do 'Cell toolbar' -> 'Slideshow' and then indicate which cells should be slides.