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Oct 2015
Oct 27 2015 10:37
@damianavila I just started using RISE -- and I'm loving it! (Just what I was looking for for teaching my intro to programming course..) I've bumped into only one "real" issue, and that is that the presenter display (the one you get by pressing "S" in slide mode) shows the notebook and not the current & following slide. Note slides do show up as expected, however.
PS: I'm tried it on the latest versions of Safari, Chrome & Firefox on OS X 10.8.5. Thanks for any pointers!
Damian Avila
Oct 27 2015 12:06
@uttjn speaker notes are not supported for now... there is an open issue about that in the repo (I don't remember the number). I have to check how difficult would be to support it to spend some time on that :wink:
Oct 27 2015 13:02
👍 (and: thanks for the prompt response!)