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Sep 2016
Damian Avila
Sep 09 2016 12:41
@chasehere currently probably the best way the the reveal one, but you have to be sure any change you did will no conflict with the notebook css... pretty much you have test things until you get something reasonable. I have not create a new theme yet, just used the ones coming from reveal.js, so I would live to know any experience with that :wink:
Sep 09 2016 19:02
@damianavila Just to follow up, I found the best way for me to edit the css is to copy and edit the reveal theme css file directly (instead of using the gruntfile as suggested in the readme). You can force some of the html properties (like background-color) with the !important clause. Copying the new css file into a docker container makes it useful for a team.
Damian Avila
Sep 09 2016 22:40
Thanks for the update @chasehere