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Sep 2016
Damian Avila
Sep 20 2016 01:15
@pdonorio there are py27 and py35 packages available... btw, in which environment did you install rise? You have to look there to get the version...
@ChrisRackauckas, what do you mean with "it can scroll (by highlighting)"?
Christopher Rackauckas
Sep 20 2016 01:32
I can highlight and bring my curser to the bottom of the screen, causing it to scroll without using a scrollbar. However, the scrollbar isn't present.
Damian Avila
Sep 20 2016 13:16
@ChrisRackauckas ohh... OK can you give your browser and browser version so I can try to reproduce? Btw, can you open an issue on the tracker to follow up this one. Thx