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Oct 2017
Ruben Di Battista
Oct 22 2017 11:13

Hello, I'm starting up with RISE. I created a new virtualenv and inside of it I installed RISE as written in the documentation:

pip install RISE
jupyter-nbextension install rise --py --sys-prefix
jupyter-nbextension install enable --py --sys-prefix

Everything shows up, I have the button for the slideshow, but when I use it the slideshow is completely black and white. I tried to change the theme as suggested in the documentation using the JSON Config manager, but nothing changed.

jupyter nbextension list

Known nbextensions:
  config dir: /home/rdb/.envs/jupyter-slides/etc/jupyter/nbconfig
    notebook section
      rise/main  enabled 
      - Validating: OK
Ruben Di Battista
Oct 22 2017 11:42
I have two files in .envs/jupyter-slides/etc/jupyter/nbconfig that are notebook.json and livereveal.json
Ruben Di Battista
Oct 22 2017 11:50
Actually with the themes solarized, blood it does not work. But it works with sky. Are there problems with the other themes?
Ruben Di Battista
Oct 22 2017 12:32
I tried also with a miniconda install. There are problems with the backgrounds of the themes...