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Sep 2015
Dan Barua
Sep 11 2015 14:54
still ironing out kinks, been using it in prod about a month now
Dan Barua
Sep 11 2015 15:06
busy in your ivory tower? #nevertrustaprogrammerinasuit
Dan Barua
Sep 11 2015 15:24
with critiqued as
    select json_data->>'CallId' as call_id
    from events
    where type = 'TTL.Digivoice.Domain.Events.Calls.CallQMStatusChanged, TTL.Digivoice.Domain'
    and json_data->>'Status' = 'Critiqued'
select cl.* from call_log.call_log as cl
inner join critiqued as c on c.call_id = cl.source_id
where cl.critique_status <> 'Critiqued'
wanna JOIN from your event store to your read model to catch discrepancies/dropped messages? go ahead
yes CallQMStatusChanged is terrible I know, it's CRUD, using events for integration between systems
Dan Barua
Sep 11 2015 15:30
Domain.Events.Calls should be Domain.Calls.Events - needs moving to vertical slicing
couldn't do that with everything stored as VARBINARY now I can fix all my dumb decisions from 2013