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    Asheesh Laroia
    Hi all! I started using delta today, and I love it.
    The README.md on GitHub is clear and well-written.
    I seem to have run into an issue where I'm used to using PgDn to scroll down, but in delta space works to scroll down, but PgDn doesn't. This is OK, but anyway that's my only bit of feedback.
    This whole thing is great, and I'm glad I spent a moment to configure it. Thanks!
    (Oh interesting -- Shift-PgDn and Shift-PgUp work, so maybe PgUp/PgDn are captured by my terminal emulator (Terminal on Mac), but Shift-PgDn/Shift-PgDn are maybe transferred through into the app. I can use that.)
    Dan Davison
    Hi @paulproteus, thanks for the feedback! The pager that delta uses by default is less (whatever version of that you have on your system). Maybe you knew that, just wanted to make that clear.
    The pager kicks in if the delta output doesn't fit in one screen; otherwise it will just be your terminal emulator.
    This is the same behavior as https://github.com/sharkdp/bat/, if you're familiar with that.
    Asheesh Laroia
    Oh, interesting -- I didn't realize delta runs in addition to less, but of course that makes sense.
    Wow, bat vs. cat is awesome. :)
    If there's a way to send a thank you card or chocolate bar, or buy you a coffee, I'd be grateful. Cheers; this is great.
    Dan Davison
    Haha thanks, I'll accept that as a virtual one of those. A lot of people are going to have to look at a lot of diffs in this world...hopefully we can make it as enjoyable as possible.
    Asheesh Laroia
    Ciao for now!
    John Meow
    Is delta available on crates.io?
    John Meow
    Ok, I found it, but why isn't it on README?
    Hi, thank you for sharing the nice tool!
    I'd like to jump to next/previous file with n and N. For example, diff-so-fancy always adds some prefix for files, so I could do this:
        diff = diff-so-fancy | less -iMRX --pattern='^(added|deleted|modified|renamed): '
    So, how about adding > to files names so that it works well with default search pattern of less? Thank you.
    (Or, we may just need some regex pattern for n and N, and the the output may not need to be changed?)
    Ok now I'm using this (edit: highlighting theme changed):
        diff = delta
        # Use delta with initial search pattern that matches to every file name
        # that contains at least one non-numeric character:
        diffFilter = delta --color-only | less --pattern='^[^─+ ].*[^0-9]'
        # Note that it works AFTER you type `n`. Or, put the pipe to less to in the
        # [pager] section (which in turn always opens `less`)
    Awesome project; very nice work
    Is there any way to only show an in-line diff?
    Nevermind; just saw issue #152
    Evan Stoll
    Is side-by-side mode incompatible with e.g. git ... -p commands?
    When using delta as the diff filter for git ... -p commands with side by side mode enabled, I get fatal: mismatched output from interactive.diffFilter like the error mentioned in this comment from #205
    Paul Delafosse
    Hello, I have few questions regarding delta's pager implementation :
    • Do you use bat only or fallback to less when bat can't be found ?
    • Does delta ensure bat is installed on the user machine ? If so how ?
    • Would it be possible to turn the delta::bat module into a standalone crate ( or is it too specific) ? I think that would be useful.
      Thank you in advance, I am asking this because I'd need something similar for one of my project, I found myself writing a toy pager with termion and it is definitely not a good idea...
    Also, I forgot to say : I started to use delta few days ago and it's great ! <3
    What configuration i need to use in order to get it to be the same as in the examples?