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    Dan Davison
    Haha thanks, I'll accept that as a virtual one of those. A lot of people are going to have to look at a lot of diffs in this world...hopefully we can make it as enjoyable as possible.
    Asheesh Laroia
    Ciao for now!
    John Meow
    Is delta available on crates.io?
    John Meow
    Ok, I found it, but why isn't it on README?
    Hi, thank you for sharing the nice tool!
    I'd like to jump to next/previous file with n and N. For example, diff-so-fancy always adds some prefix for files, so I could do this:
        diff = diff-so-fancy | less -iMRX --pattern='^(added|deleted|modified|renamed): '
    So, how about adding > to files names so that it works well with default search pattern of less? Thank you.
    (Or, we may just need some regex pattern for n and N, and the the output may not need to be changed?)
    Ok now I'm using this (edit: highlighting theme changed):
        diff = delta
        # Use delta with initial search pattern that matches to every file name
        # that contains at least one non-numeric character:
        diffFilter = delta --color-only | less --pattern='^[^─+ ].*[^0-9]'
        # Note that it works AFTER you type `n`. Or, put the pipe to less to in the
        # [pager] section (which in turn always opens `less`)
    Awesome project; very nice work
    Is there any way to only show an in-line diff?
    Nevermind; just saw issue #152
    Evan Stoll
    Is side-by-side mode incompatible with e.g. git ... -p commands?
    When using delta as the diff filter for git ... -p commands with side by side mode enabled, I get fatal: mismatched output from interactive.diffFilter like the error mentioned in this comment from #205
    Paul Delafosse
    Hello, I have few questions regarding delta's pager implementation :
    • Do you use bat only or fallback to less when bat can't be found ?
    • Does delta ensure bat is installed on the user machine ? If so how ?
    • Would it be possible to turn the delta::bat module into a standalone crate ( or is it too specific) ? I think that would be useful.
      Thank you in advance, I am asking this because I'd need something similar for one of my project, I found myself writing a toy pager with termion and it is definitely not a good idea...
    Also, I forgot to say : I started to use delta few days ago and it's great ! <3
    What configuration i need to use in order to get it to be the same as in the examples?
    Dan Davison
    Hi all, I'm sorry, I had assumed I would get notifications from gitter but apparently not!
    @bennyKY that's the default light settings on a white terminal background. It uses the GitHub theme, but that's the default so all you need to is
        light = true
    Dan Davison
    @oknozor delta doesn't use bat as a pager; it uses whatever is specified by the value of DELTA_PAGER, BAT_PAGER, or PAGER environment variables, with fall back to less. If any of those env vars are set, they are typically set to less, with some custom arguments.
    Dan Davison
    @Marcoleni does #398 make sense?
    Marco Ieni
    Hi Dan, I will check it, anyway I think that keeping discussion inside the relevant issue/PR is better, so I will answer in the PR :)
    Dan Davison
    Right, let's discuss there.