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Sep 2015
Sep 29 2015 12:54
Hi there, I've got a 404 trying to access /dandelion-assets/{hash}/{hash}/js/dandelion-datatables-{hash}.js --- how would I debug this? I've got the filters for dandelion and datatables configured in my web.xml and added their dialects, and added antMatchers and added DandelionServlet.class to getServletConfigClasses, and also added the DandelionFilter and DatatablesFilter to getServletFilters - in my dandelion/ I have bundle.includes=bootstrap3
Sep 29 2015 14:41
huh, I figured it out - it seems my servlet and filter definitions in web.xml were being ignored, and adding the filter and servlet in the onStartup of WebApplicationInitializer solved the problem
Thibault Duchateau
Sep 29 2015 15:00
Glad you solved it. I'm wondering if it could save time to looots of users to register filter & servlet using Servlet 3.x annotations.. Unfortunately, you're not the first on this one :-(