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Sep 2015
Mek Stittri
Sep 12 2015 02:56
Are we the users at the front line right now ? lol
@dareid I was wondering if you have seen SuperTests before and would like to know your thoughts about it
Obviously if it was good enough, you wouldn't have thought of creating Chakram am I right ?
Daniel Reid
Sep 12 2015 07:13
I think supertests is good. I would say the advantages of chakram is the use of promises, making complex tests easy, and the ability to add custom assertions, which can be reused throughout your tests.
Mek Stittri
Sep 12 2015 21:22
Yup I saw how super tests are written and I was not convinced. Our goal is to avoid callback patterns as much as we can esp when integrating this with selenium tests. Hence I am here :)