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Sep 2018
Sep 04 2018 05:46
Thanks @woolter
Given things have worked for me.
Sep 04 2018 09:42
Hi All,
As I am novice to chakram I want to know that "is chakram tool still maintained by the official committee?"
is it good to go with the chakram tool for api automation?
I am asking this because I could not find examples or reference material. As some of you are already aware of it, you can share your experience with the tool.
Walter Hector Lijo
Sep 04 2018 10:52
@bharukaRupesh First at all you need to reed .... xD Chakram is no longer actively maintained, PRs are welcomed this is the second line in the repo
If is good to go it's up to you, I was using chakram for a long time for me is an amazing tool. Anyway in the last project that I've started I didn't use it.