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Repo info
Brady Trainor
Some googling revealed passing mention of that as they mentioned the hierarchy of injectors. Actually the word was "tree", not "hierarchy", but w/e.
Hierarchy seems more suggestive of what I'm asking about.
Brady Trainor
OMG, took me so long to finish the tour of heroes tutorial.
Brady Trainor
I spent most of that time trying to get a working commit history of TOH.
I could go back and try to actually understand it, or just leave it there for now, and start working on my actual app, and also the "advanced" tutorials.
Brady Trainor
Ugh, trying to constantly dig myself out of bad state in Angular Dart is burning a lot of CPU. #cantwin.
Henry Poit
Hi @kwalrath, how do I deploy https://github.com/angular-examples/lottery/tree/master/4-final? GCP with NodeJS?
Jonathan Rezende
how do I add source map to dart2js testing?
my build target:
        enabled: False
        enabled: True
          compiler: dart2js
        # These are globs for the entrypoints you want to compile.
          - web/**.dart
          #only_applied_in_release_mode: true
          compiler: dart2js
          # List any dart2js specific args here, or omit it.
            - -O4
            - --minify
            #- --omit-implicit-check
            - --trust-primitives
            - --fast-startup
I guess I should add something to the "options" part, but dunno
Jonathan Rezende
@hpoit why do you tag google staff so often?
Randal L. Schwartz
Might not believe the rest of us can help.
but yeah, this is a community channel, not a support channel.
Henry Poit
I'm open for help from anyone, Kwalrath is just the owner of the repo
Randal L. Schwartz
Everyone at google owns the repo.
Luis Vargas
Hello guys I just released a new version of ng_bootstrap
Jacob MacDonald
@hpoit please stop direct pings you have been asked more than once
Henry Poit
Ok Jake. I am trying to docker build -t my/app ., and I have created links to /usr/local/Cellar/dart/2.5.0-dev.2.1, but I get The current Dart SDK version is 2.4.1.. Any idea why? My pubspec.yaml is also defined as sdk: 2.5.0-dev.2.1
Henry Poit
How does server.dart look like for the lottery app?
Emmanuel Belair
Hi, can't figure out how to make StreamController working, I've created it in a service, then I add the event. In a component I listen to the event but nothing happens ...
/// Service:
  StreamController _onCrudController =
  Stream<Etablissement> get onCrud => _onCrudController.stream;


/// Then in my component:
  void ngOnInit() async {
    _etablissementService.onCrud.listen((e) {
      etablissement = e; // Nothing happens here
It's really strange because I'm using the same code in another Component/Service and it works Oo
Frank Pepermans
@e-belair could be one of many reasons:
  • does the component inherit from OnInit?
  • you have a broadcast Stream here, perhaps the listen happens after the event was dispatched? In the case of a broadcast Stream, past events are not replayed.
Greetings Angular Dart community. May I please ask does anyone know how to change the material design material-expansionpanel colour? I can change the name & value components of it using css classes but they seem to have no effect on the material-expansionpanel. Thank you.
Emmanuel Belair
@frankpepermans yes it implement OnInit. Also the listen is happening before the event dispatch. The service method is called from a child component.
Emmanuel Belair
I've putted the ClassProvider for the service in the parent component so the service should be shared
Ok it's working now ..... my bad, I forget to share the service
Monday and already tired, I can't imagine the rest of the week lol
Is there a way to configure the webdev generated http server to use a self signed ssl certificate? Someone posted about this in SO but it's nothing but crickets over there: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55513805/how-to-estabilish-a-secure-connection-on-localhost-with-angular-dart-webdev
Nate Bosch

Someone recently added --tls-cert-chain and --tls-cert-key flags.

I don't know if there is a way to use a self signed ssl cert

that might be all I need, thanks!
Hello everyone where you can read about using DartAngular + Django, for entry level...
Emmanuel Belair
Hi there, I can't figure out how to dynamically set an element required depending of another element inside a ControlArray
// In my component
    var reseauxGroup = [];
    etabReseauOptions.forEach((e)=> reseauxGroup.add(FormBuilder.controlGroup({
      'checked': [e.checked],
      'lien': [e.etabReseau.lien, Validators.maxLength(250)]})));
    etabForm = FormBuilder.controlGroup({
      'reseaux': FormBuilder.controlArray(reseauxGroup)
        <div *ngFor="let re of reseaux.controls; let i=index" class="columns is-gapless">
            <div class="column is-one-fifth">
            <div class="column">
            <i class="fal fa-check"></i>
So I want to make the input text required when the toggle is checked
It's working as expected except for the validation button thats not being disabled when form is invalid (when an input text is empty)
Emmanuel Belair
If I add a Validators.required in the Control, the form will invalid on all empty text inputs, even if the toggle is unchecked
So I wonder how to make an input field dynamically required and then validate the form properly
Hi I would like to use angular tab inside angular tab?
what I mean is every tab to have option to have sub tab panel
nevermind I found a solution - the sub tab panel need to be in separate component
Hello! Do I have to paste _material.scss to the /src of my project to make @import 'package:angular_components/css/material/material'; work?
I already have Angular Components in my pubspec.yaml, not sure why this @import isn't working.
I also have sass_builder and bootstrap_sass in my pubspec
I also need to successfully @import 'package:angular_components/css/material/material'; onto material_card_example.scss
I am trying to make <div class="mdc-card demo-size"> work, without cloning all of https://github.com/dart-lang/angular_components
I've cloned the entire Angular Components repo. Any idea why these exports are marked in red?:
I haven't found any issues in error_renderer.dart or base_material_input.dart