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Dec 2015
Chris Holdgraf
Dec 29 2015 01:14
I'm +1 on using methods associated with Table objects first...I think one of the main confusions of pandas is the fact that there are so many ways to do the same thing
Carl Boettiger
Dec 29 2015 22:17
@henryem Thanks for the heads up about how material will be introduced; that's really helpful (particularly for the first few weeks). Sounds like things might be slightly different than how they were taught in the Fall, at least in the first few weeks then? I'm trying to avoid being needlessly inconsistent with what is taught in the class; (hopefully the students can just tell me the way they have learned if I start doing something unorthodox). Is this description flushed out any further now (at least for the first few weeks)? Or is and still the best guide for that?
Dec 29 2015 22:29
This is just from conversations with John last week, but yes, we're hoping to shave some of the complicated syntax. I don't think there will be huge changes. The only thing written up, afaik, is a rough draft of lab 1 I'm working on, though John might be working on the text. I'm afk at the moment but I definitely agree we should pin down the early curriculum asap.
Carl Boettiger
Dec 29 2015 22:30
e.g. one question I have right now is whether I should start with a module on "simulation" (which puts of Tables but needs both loops & function declarations) or a module starting with "real data" that means Tables from the get-go.
Carl Boettiger
Dec 29 2015 23:10
@SamLau95 Any update on when the site might get the newer version of datascience Tables?