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Jan 2016
Carl Boettiger
Jan 06 2016 00:06
@choldgraf What kind of guide would be helpful? Basically it's just (1) request account (2) go to and log in (3) see Jupyter documentation. I do think it would be worth addressing how to do common things like get data / notebooks / files on and off the ds8 environment. I find Jupyter terminal+Git a good solution for that, but obviously not a good entry-level solution.
Also I'm not clear on how installing dependencies works in the ds8 environment, or in jupyter more generally. For instance, does python have a good system for installing packages without root credentials, or is root access usually needed / assumed (e.g. for pip install to work)?
Sam Lau
Jan 06 2016 00:25

@cboettig i’m writing up an overview of a simple workflow from start to finish:

  1. creating notebooks
  2. uploading notebooks
  3. distribute notebooks to students
  4. students work on notebooks
  5. collect submissions from students

i’m thinking from there we can expand on each step as needed

python does have a system for installing without root credentials but it looks like each student will have to run some commands manually

to install globally, right now we have to contact ryan about it. this is unscalable so we’re looking for a better system

Carl Boettiger
Jan 06 2016 00:36
Thanks @SamLau95 , an overview of how to do that workflow would be a great thing to have.
Carl Boettiger
Jan 06 2016 00:55
hmm, generic Jupyter question: is there an easy way to split a Jupyter notebook into two separate notebooks (preferably without copy-pasting raw .json)?
e.g. a way to select a group of cells, click 'copy cells', and then paste them into a new notebook?
Sam Lau
Jan 06 2016 00:59
not that i know of :(
Jan 06 2016 01:40
@cboettig copy the notebook, delete half from each? :-/
Chris Holdgraf
Jan 06 2016 02:15
@cboettig I'm not sure what kind of guide would be useful because I've probably got too much coding experience to have the right perspective. I'll try to pay attention to any pain points that come up and maybe can help out @SamLau95 in building some tutorials.
also @cboettig see this issue on github: ipython/ipython#5746
looks like it's something people are working on, but in the meantime you might just do File->Make a copy and then delete half the cells in the copy
let me know what you’d like to add! (or just make a PR)
Carl Boettiger
Jan 06 2016 16:46
@henryem so simple yet so brilliant. you're a good guy to know
Carl Boettiger
Jan 06 2016 17:09
@SamLau95 Workflow guide looks very nice! Do you know if the plan is to have better support for step 5 (submitting student notebooks to instructors?) Also, you mention just using bcourses or email, but just to be comprehensive you might point out how a student should download their completed notebook, if they want to submit it via email etc. (e.g. pointing out that notebooks can be downloaded as pdf as well as ipython /jupyter format)
Sam Lau
Jan 06 2016 20:03

@cboettig we haven’t talked about this at length but i believe for the main class the plan was to use okpy for submission / autograding. we haven’t yet set it up ourselves, so it’s hard to write about that process in the tutorial

that’s a good point! i’ll add it