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Jan 2016
Jan 29 2016 01:44
i dont think so?
let me check
I just made you admin
Jan 29 2016 04:44
thanks @anthonysuen !
Carl Boettiger
Jan 29 2016 23:02
Preference for what gets discussed in gitter vs slack connectors?
Chris Holdgraf
Jan 29 2016 23:42
I think the hope is to keep gitter for technical questions and development stuff, while slack is a more general purpose discussion / Q&A tool
so maybe if you think it's a conversation that might result in a PR, or a discussion of the code in the repository, then this is the right place for it...otherwise I think Slack is the way to go
(someone correct me if I'm wrong)
Carl Boettiger
Jan 29 2016 23:44
Sounds good to me (since gitter is public & more closely linked with the datascience module's github repo). I'll ask my clever questions here and save my stupid questions for slack ;-)