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Sep 2017
Pasquinell Urbani
Sep 15 2017 13:55
@GrydNotebooks_twitter Hi! Yeah, I was able to install tensorflow. I am having other problem now. I am able to install libraries like nltk and unidecode using pip install (not pip3), but they are only available in a python3 notebook (so I am struggling modifying my code from python2 to python3), is there a way to make it work for python2?
Sep 15 2017 15:12
@Pasquinell You should be able to install nltk using !conda install -c anaconda --name py27 --yes nltk and unidecode using !conda install -c conda-forge --name py27 --yes unidecode. As I mentioned, check out the instructions at You should be able to install any packages available through conda for Python 2 or 3 using !conda install [-c <repo_name>] [--name py27] --yes <package_name>.
@Pasquinell Not sure if you are looking to use GPUs to train neural nets but I should clarify we don't support GPUs yet. However, given enough demand, we will add GPU support .