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Repo info
  • Aug 13 07:00
    adnanhemani review_requested #409
  • Aug 13 07:00
    adnanhemani opened #409
  • Aug 13 06:58

    adnanhemani on change_to_area

    made change bumped version (compare)

  • Aug 13 06:42
    adnanhemani edited #407
  • Aug 13 06:41
    adnanhemani labeled #406
  • Aug 13 06:41
    adnanhemani labeled #406
  • Aug 13 06:40
    adnanhemani opened #408
  • Aug 13 06:40
    adnanhemani review_requested #408
  • Aug 13 06:39

    adnanhemani on map_table_flexibility

    bump version number (compare)

  • Aug 13 06:37

    adnanhemani on map_table_flexibility

    feature completed (compare)

  • Aug 08 06:38
    papajohn commented #407
  • Aug 08 06:00
    adnanhemani commented #407
  • Aug 07 16:32
    papajohn commented #407
  • Aug 07 06:52

    adnanhemani on maps_examples

    almost completed section 2, blo… (compare)

  • Aug 07 06:33
    adnanhemani opened #407
  • Aug 07 06:31
    adnanhemani opened #406
  • Aug 07 05:47

    adnanhemani on maps_examples

    initial commit on examples (compare)

  • Jul 23 17:40

    adnanhemani on gh-pages

    Generated by commit f154b0d3157… (compare)

  • Jul 23 17:34

    davidwagner on shaded_histograms


  • Jul 23 17:34

    davidwagner on master

    implemented shading for non-ove… Split apart tests of shaded his… remove print statement debugging and 5 more (compare)

thank you @pomodoros
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Kevin Thomas
How do I get started with data8?
Bhavesh Anand
Hi everyone. Want to start learning data science skills so that to develop and contribute on open source projects of data science. Recently participated and contributed code in GSoC 2017 for kivy org in Python Software Foundation. Please help.
Inziya Dossa
Hello people! Anyone interested in ML in robotics? Or self automated cars?
No one available? K u can mail me at inziyadad@gmail.com
how can i start contributing to open source
@pminkov @ryanlovett have you heard of or tried gryd? (https://gryd.us)
Pasquinell Urbani
@MikCrillz_twitter Hi, I am trying gryd.us but I haven't been able to install tensorflow. Do you know why?
Sourav Singh
gryd looks quite similar to cocalc(https://cocalc.com)
@Pasquinell Tensorflow should now work on Gryd. Also, we have fixed some permission issues that were preventing you from installing packages. For instructions, refer to https://gryd.us/faq/.
Pasquinell Urbani
@GrydNotebooks_twitter Hi! Yeah, I was able to install tensorflow. I am having other problem now. I am able to install libraries like nltk and unidecode using pip install (not pip3), but they are only available in a python3 notebook (so I am struggling modifying my code from python2 to python3), is there a way to make it work for python2?
@Pasquinell You should be able to install nltk using !conda install -c anaconda --name py27 --yes nltk and unidecode using !conda install -c conda-forge --name py27 --yes unidecode. As I mentioned, check out the instructions at https://gryd.us/faq/. You should be able to install any packages available through conda for Python 2 or 3 using !conda install [-c <repo_name>] [--name py27] --yes <package_name>.
@Pasquinell Not sure if you are looking to use GPUs to train neural nets but I should clarify we don't support GPUs yet. However, given enough demand, we will add GPU support .
Pasquinell Urbani
@GrydNotebooks_twitter Thank you! Yes, I know you don't have GPU support and you will add it later. Cheers!
Hi guys I´m new, any advice to connect python with a DB oracle12c
Inziya Dossa
Hey guys! Just wanted to ask that how is ML useful in making a satellite?
any recommendations on which compiler to use for anaconda?
nevermind, need to open my eyes, is a script
@Assencastrillo may try with Python driver for Oracle 12c
as described in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17872307/python-driver-for-oracle-12c
Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.47.49 AM.png
can anyone tell me whats wrong? see error message in Bottom of shell. using python3
there is no error you got a generator object at the at the addresss after at
long time i don't python but use print(list(chuncky(...))
you should get the value you generate
oups so quite here you message is from 2nd january i think you got it already
Mihin Sumaria
Is anyone willing to collaborate for a DS project?
@mihinsumaria why not ! If still looking for a contributor PM me
Mihin Sumaria
@KokuKUSIAKU Hi! What kind of projects would you be willing to contribute to?
Hi everyone
Yes at Mihin Sumaria
Ashish Gupta
Hi everyone, I created a list of 200+ Data Science blogs - https://www.cybrhome.com/topic/data-science-blogs
Aswin Devarajan
@a1Gupta thanks for sharing.
Nikita Mandhani
@mihinsumaria still is there any opportunity to contribute in DS project??
Hi , I am a beginner and I try to predict an anomaly in different systems, I have different parameters, which I can use to do more precise prediction. I have a general question, is there a way to do prediction without know with parameters should I use ? sometimes, I don't have all parameters values, so I am thinking if there is a away to do prediction with a minimum parameters
Abayomi Ayoola
Hello people, I'm new to Data Science and would like to know where to begin from
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Jose Torres
hey everyone. stumbled across this community. curious - why would I want to use this package over Pandas? I scanned the docs, admittedly very briefly, and it seems that it's supposed to be a slightly-more-user-friendly table structure? Is there some other context that I'm missing?
Renato Marinho
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HEllo everyone
Prerna Sharma
Python-Awesome tutorial for Machine Learning as part of a Graduate Program in Machine Learning. Pull requests/changes/stars would be very much helpful. https://github.com/gautam1858/python-awesome