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Aditya Raman

Interview Documentation

Welcome to the Discussion on and about Technical Interviews
We are looking forward to hearing from you about your interview experiences.

Why Gitter

We have created this community for the discussions, mostly about the topics associated with Technical Interviews.

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What not to do

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  • We always mention your contributions no matter how small. We count all your contributions.
  • Feel free to optimize, add and describe the code.
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Important Links

Anshuman badapanda
hi everyone i am stuck in two ds algo program could anyone help me out
Aditya Raman
Please share your program
Anshuman badapanda
Thankyou for responding as here i am not able to post the pictures (as it contains grid) so i am sending you the Google drive link there i have past the questions
Please click on the link you can see the question i put in one folder
Please help me with those