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I am trying to get data for goals, assists, and dribbles by Messi and Ronaldo in a CSV
any suggestions ?
Luca Banfi
Hi, I'm doing a thesis on International Economics. Someone can help me to find a dataset that link fertility and trade?
Hello~ It's great to have found people passionate about data, as described on https://datahub.io/docs/about . I wonder, why there are no open source packages at https://github.com/datahubio ? Where are you developing the tools? All on https://github.com/datopian ? I'd love to know more about the overal approach philosophy, and see where we can work together. Do you do on-line / public meetings about your development?
θ΅΅δΈ° (Zhao Feng)
Hello~. On the pricing page, what is the bandwidth means ? Is it measured within a day or month, etc?
Anuar Ustayev
Hi @mindey all repositories are at https://github.com/datopian
You also can use this issue tracker to report bugs or ask questions - https://github.com/datopian/datahub-qa/issues
Thanks, @anuveyatsu . Do you have on-line meetings, or datathons? :)
Anuar Ustayev
@mindey this is a good question :smile: @rufuspollock do you have any suggestions?
Jeff Marshall

hello datahub! I'm making an app and I need a list of stocks that appear in the S&P 500. Surprisingly, it's hard to find an API that gives an up-to-date list, but I did find this on datahub: https://datahub.io/core/s-and-p-500-companies#data

Is there an API I could use to programmatically retrieve this data?

Anuar Ustayev
@jeffmarshall hey! Sure, you can use one of the options listed here - https://datahub.io/core/s-and-p-500-companies#data-cli
Preetish Panda
The terminal says "You are already logged in."
Anuar Ustayev
@Pr33tish_twitter hey, can you check this blog post for that: https://datahub.io/blog/how-to-use-multiple-datahub-accounts
Benevalter Junior
hi everyone, i need data of brazil.
Hi, I'm a little confused about how datahub works. Can I access your data using regular API commands such as requests.get(url) or is your data only downloadable?
Anuar Ustayev
@sharonosahon yes, just check the instructions on a dataset page, e.g., see https://datahub.io/core/population#python
@sharonosahon also, check this blog post - https://datahub.io/docs/getting-started/getting-data
@anuveyatsu Thank you for your reply. I tried the pip install of datapackage but got this error: Failed building wheel for cchardet . Do you know how I could fix that?
Anuar Ustayev
@sharonosahon are you on OSX 10.14+? If so please check the docs here about installation on OSX https://pypi.org/project/datapackage/
@sharonosahon note that you don’t have to use python - you also can simply curl etc.
@anuveyatsu Thank you, will give that a try!
Pathakota Vaishnavi
Sir/madam can you please give me the data regarding Disability Insurance (percentage ,country of the people who are paying this)
Henry Grech-Cini
Hi all is there a definitive set of list of programming languages, frameworks, databases, enterprise system buses, technologies etc available for download ? I couldn't find any https://datahub.io/collections
Dr. Mustajeeb ur Rehman
hi there, please help me to find dataset of literacy rate of russia till 2018
Rufus Pollock
@mindey we do have occasional meetings. What would you like to contribute to?
@rufuspollock well, I'd like to see, how we could move forward with your vision "to democratise that power by giving more people, more access to high quality data and tooling". I see a problem with large datasets, in that they are hard to make into packages (youtube package, anyone?), and we'd need some new approaches. Such as, standards for writing drivers and schemas for resources, no matter what API protocols the original sources use, that would allow just to connect to them, and use them via such drivers framework. Unfortunatley, API standards are as plentiful as UI standards (there are so many - from filesystems FUSE, to REST, GraphQL, SOAP, etc. etc.), and since there is no general agreement about the standard, and data comes in all kind of structures (hierachical, graph-like, nested, etc.), we'd like to have something like a meta-standard, and a way to write drives, that can take any data, and present it in any form needed by analysts and app developers. That's one of the directions that we take on to satisfy our intelligence needs at WeFindX Foundation, and it would be interesting to see how far we could go with a concept of framework for such drivers. You can take a look at some of the ideas at https://book.mindey.com/metaformat/0001-metaform-philosophy/0001-metaform-philosophy.html , and we have prototype software based on that. Anyways, if you have on-line meetups on advancing reusability of data sources, I'd like to see, what ideas Data Hub is working on.
Rufus Pollock

@mindey here's my tip - start contributing re frictionless data / datahub (or similar open source project) in a specific, useful way. It is easy to start on general problems but hard to get anywhere (and its a temptation for mathematicians - i was one). If you are genuinely interested in contributing and have a non-trivial chunk of time per week (e.g. at least a 4-8h) you want to contribute let us know.

If you want to follow what we are doing you can just follow https://datopian.com/ (blog, social media etc)

Thanks, @rufuspollock ! Heh, you've identified correctly. We mathematicians often want more than we can chew. Thanks for inviting to contribute. I'll take a better look at all the stack, and try to use it a bit more to see where I can contribute. I guess, the first thing I'd like to try, is to install a data server (I suppose, it should be something like installing and configuring PyPI server?).
Hi every ones!
i am new in data science! now i am researching something new in football prediction and modeling in new methods! i mean math methods. if you have a full datasets with high accuracy! please help me
Hi! why is there no data on football for the 19/20 season ?
Hi, Please suggest what dataset to choose for a statistics project where I can apply T-test, ANOVA, Regression to conduct a statistical study.
Ahmet Tahir Koylu
Hello Guys!
Hello Guys! I need some help with the number of banks and how many of them are foreign banks or Local. I searched for it but it takes a lot of time with annual reports, so if somebody knows how to reach those data easily, please let me know. Thank you!
hey i need help finding data that can go with this hypothesis :if breast cancer is related to age, then people who are middle age or part of generation x are most likely to get diagnosed by breast cancer .
so im looking for data that compares age and breast cancer, to prove that people who are for example around ages 40-50+ are most likely to get diagnosed by cancer than people who are in their 20s .
Excuse me ?say what you want in this chat then will get the data?
Anuar Ustayev
@kirussian911 hey, thanks for reporting - could you please open an issue here: https://github.com/datopian/datahub-qa/issues
@ketanshahutd hey there! Probably it is better to ask such a question in some data science community.
hai guys
pls help when i upload a csv file in weka its shows error :
problem setting base instances:java.lang.reflect.invocationTargetException
i am begineer
how can i have Serie A stats of 2019/2020 ?
and a legend with fields?
Hello speak here slovak, or only english?
no way omg