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cool. I'm still new to thing and just tinkering to learn how to make my own personal app or website to help me see all my personal stock picks in one window.
londonoalex_@hotmail.com is my email. What is this data full of?
stupid question, whenever I try to read a file into csv file into pandas, I get a 'HTTPError: Forbidden' error. Am I missing something obvious?
Anuar Ustayev
@skullsworld12_twitter No, you cannot sell data here

@tyrant911_twitter you can find some stock market data on datahubio:


@anuveyatsu Do you know any place for it? I even made a catalog for what I have.
G John Rao
Hey everyone
@tyrant911_twitter why don't you grab a csv from statistica?
@rtusa7 is that data located somewhere on an HTTP server? Could it be that you either don't have access to the server or you don't have the SSL cert file?
Hi all is there any covid-19 CT database available. Images should be in .nii or .dcm format
Hi all, thanks for hosting :) Question on when the data will tick over to 04-01-2020 summaries?
woot, posted :)
same as above, but stuck on 4/4 now
@anuveyatsu no longer maintained?
Hi all. Yes, I am also waiting for the COVID update.
Went quickly through the chat but did not find anything. Is there any info if or when the dataset will be updated?
Greg Linwood
thanks for maintaining this data. I noticed that your data for confirmed cases in France differs substantially from WHO & French official data since 4-Apr-20. Your data leaps from 65202 on 3-Apr to 90848 on 4-Apr, yet WHO has 69607 on 4-Apr so your data appears to be out by 21241, worth correcting?
he's right, some of the previous data got corrupted
the total confirmed cases, when binned together, actually go down on some days in the time-series by country
scratch the above, i made a mistake and duplicated some by accident
Rufus Pollock
@firebird2k6 it's maintained - we are updating every day. Please open issues on github repo if you have a problem - better than this channel.
@Greg_Linwood_twitter can you open an issue on the repo https://github.com/datasets/covid-19
Greg Linwood
sorry, I don't have a Github account so can't log in to create a new issue..
@rufuspollock @Adam Kariv Thanks for sharing the raw data, as I m conducting some data analysis using growth models, can I share the analysis of your data with others ? Thank you
France count or confirmed number has an issue, 82 2020-04-12 133670
83 2020-04-13 137875
84 2020-04-14 131361
why the number is going down from yesterday ?
as it is an aggregated number is has to growth or to show stagnation
Stephano Paraskeva

has countries that differ from the countries listed in cities here

Is there any data that matches more closely? (city, country with direct mapping)?

Also Im looking for data of as many Job Roles as possible eg: Advisor, Consultant, Health Specialist, Doctor, Surgeon, Data Analyst, Formula 1 Driver, Designer, Architect, Home Decorator, Builder, Plumber, Software Developer, DevOps, Fireman, Policeman

And various classifications of such?

Anuar Ustayev
@Greg_Linwood_twitter I believe France data was fixed couple of days ago, pleae, check again now
cc @efaysal
@efaysal yes, you’re free to share your analysis :100:
Greg Linwood
@anuveyatsu no, the French is still wrong. Your shows 152894 Confirmed infections at 19-Apr-2020 vs the official data is 112,606 for the same date
Michael Amadi
https://datahub.io/core/ used to point the core packages page but doesn’t seem to work anymore. Has something changed or is this a temporary issue?
2020-04-20 156480
2020-04-21 159297
2020-04-22 157125
France cumulative numbers are down Again #71
Are you counting territories of France or only confirmed infection in main land in Europe ? Better to provide two numbers one for France Territories and a number including only infection observed in main land in Europe. Thanks.
Hi all, Your data set is great and clean! by the way I am working n other countries and I have gathered some sources but I could not find a computer readable source for Russia
I will push the time series of Germany and France and Italy and Spain with state data
@roohy466 , Thanks. For testing on your data, can you, please, have one csv file where all the countries are represented, one column for each country and a column with Date. Cheers.
Why is there only data until the 27th of april?
Calpa Liu
Hello, is there any api for Shiller PE Ratio?
The raw data is in here: https://www.multpl.com/shiller-pe
Hey guys, I'm doing some research on Software Companies and what is effective when selling software, I was wondering if there was data that showed different Companies and their methods for selling, ie. free trials or industry bundles
All, can someone suggest the open data set for security lending risk analysis ? I am looking for loan, loan type, options, counterparty, client data
https://datahub.io/core/covid-19/r/2.csv Why is the data here not showing up beyond 05/02/2020?
Any help is appreciated
I too have seen no update since May 3 (with May 2 data) for covid repo. Should I be looking for a more reliable datasource for my models?
ourworldindata.com is up to date, by the way.
Thank you @Zenture-Limited. I have already looked into ourworldindata resources but will review them once again. Just FYI, ESRI is providing similar datasets for COVID data which might be of some consideration for you. (https://coronavirus-resources.esri.com/datasets/1cb306b5331945548745a5ccd290188e_1?geometry=34.593%2C-36.764%2C-16.384%2C63.769)