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<flynn> So here’s the funny thing: we have tests for case_sensitive and they pass.
<flynn> @entone ^ Do you have a Mapping that demonstrates this?
<Luke> apiVersion: ambassador/v1 kind: Mapping name: redirect-test host_redirect: true host: http://myapp.example.com prefix: /redirect case_sensitive: false path_redirect: / service: http://www.google.com
@flynn there is one that doesn't work for me
<flynn> @Luke Aha, that makes more sense then, if host_redirect is also involved. @entone, is that also your case?
<entone> haha, yes, me and Luke work together
<entone> yeah, looking at the code, the path is drastically different for host_redirect
<entone> the code path that is
<entone> @Luke did we try it without host_redirect, I think I suggested that
<Luke> hmmm, i'm not entirely sure, just removing host_redirect all together?
<flynn> @entone Ah cool. Happy to take a PR for this, of course! 🙂
<cory> for what its worth we have mappings with case_sensitive: False and they appear to work correctly
<entone> with a host_redirect?
<cory> no, without host_redirect
<cory> just noting that the feature doesn’t appear to be completely broken, so that might very well the cause
<entone> the function to generate the config needs some love in general, seems almost impossible to unit test it at this point
<entone> @flynn I'll see what I can do this week, but my Python ins't what it used to be, maybe it'll come flooding back once I'm in there 🙂
<flynn> @entone It’s sadly complex, yes, especially given interdependencies between Mapping and other things. What I tend to do is to make shell, then use ambassador dump --ir --v2 $configdir > wtf.json — that way, the Ambassador IR and V2 Envoy config end up in wtf.json, and you can start by looking at that.
<flynn> (where $configdir is a directory with one or more Ambassador config resources — or if they’re annotated K8s resources, add the --k8s flag as well)
<entone> awesome, thanks for the tip

<Craig> Quick question on Cert-Manager integration with Ambassador. I setup my cert-manager and it is using lets-encrypt. Seems to work fine and I got a cert that will renew in 3 month(ish).


Do I need to keep that challenge service (acme-challenge-service) mapped for renewal or can I close it and renewal will still happen?

Eric Fulton
Hey there, quick question:
I was under the impression that service_port was used to dictate which port envoy listens on its public ip. That doesn't seem to be the case since as a non-root user, the ingress controller is listening on 80.
Even though its set to 8080 by default (and explicitly in my case)
Sharath MK
Hi Team, I'm new to ambassador. Is it possible to integrate 3rd party IDP, if it's success then only route to internal service?
Daniel Barrigas
Hey guys, using ambassador 0.61.0 behind a gcp https lb and set up the redirect from http to https. However, for some reason, it enters a loop and keeps redirecting until it reaches a pre-defined limit.
  service_port: 8080
  x_forwarded_proto_redirect: true
  use_remote_address: false
This is the configuration on the k8s ambassador service, according to the docs it should work. Anything I might be missing here? Thanks
Hugo Barrigas
having the same issue as @danielguedesb , though version 0.40.0 works just fine
@richarddli Hi, how to configure authentication for a specific ambassador instance if I have more than one instance in cluster?
I can't find any tips in the doc
Baily Troyer
Is there better documentation to get up-and-running with ambasssador canary releases? Running the examples provided here simply don't work. https://blog.getambassador.io/canary-deployments-a-b-testing-and-microservices-with-ambassador-f104d0458736 & https://www.getambassador.io/docs/dev-guide/canary-release-concepts/
Saket Kashyap
Hi there, I followed the article - https://blog.getambassador.io/deploying-java-apps-with-kubernetes-and-the-ambassador-api-gateway-c6e9d9618f1b to deploy ambassador as LoadBalancer on Kubernetes cluster running on Docker-For-Desktop on windows 10.
I deployed my app, created a service of my app, exposed the service on nodeport to test the service, then configured it to cluster ip, deployed an ambassador service with mapping and then applied the https://getambassador.io/yaml/ambassador/ambassador-no-rbac.yaml
but , when i try to hit on localhost, the browser shows connection rest
can any one help?
Saket Kashyap
was able to resolve the issue
had an issue with targetPort in ambassador service
now I met a problem datawire/ambassador#1761
can any one help ?
I followed the tutorial https://blog.getambassador.io/deploying-java-apps-with-kubernetes-and-the-ambassador-api-gateway-c6e9d9618f1b on Mac (using Edge of Docker for Mac). This is to deploy ambassador as LoadBalancer on Kubernetes on Mac.
kubectl get svc
ambassador LoadBalancer localhost 80:32685/TCP 9m1s
kubernetes ClusterIP <none> 443/TCP 139m
productcatalogue ClusterIP <none> 8020/TCP 92m
shopfront ClusterIP <none> 8010/TCP 92m
stockmanager ClusterIP <none> 8030/TCP 92m
However, http://localhost/shopfront/ on the local browser (Firefox, Safari) Error out as Problem Loading Page.
Any Help would be much appreciated.
hi. I'm facing this issue where ambassador pod is binding port 80 and gets permission denied error
[2020-02-18 09:44:46.653][000028][warning][config] [bazel-out/k8-dbg/bin/source/common/config/_virtual_includes/grpc_mux_subscription_lib/common/config/grpc_mux_subscription_impl.h:70] gRPC config for type.googleapis.com/envoy.api.v2.Listener rejected: Error adding/updating listener ambassador-listener-80: cannot bind '': Permission denied
i saw the same error posted by someone but i failed to understand what port to change. i changed service_port and target_port to 8080 and faced the same error.

hi, so the below mapping, unfortunately 301 will tell github to direct https://jenkins.foo.net , instead of going to bar-test.x.dev, can someone pls tell me how to achieve this mapping?

apiVersion: getambassador.io/v1 kind: Mapping metadata: name: android-jenkins namespace: test spec: ambassador_id: ambassador-1 prefix: /android-jenkins/ghprbhook/ host: bar-test.x.dev host_redirect: true path_redirect: /ghprbhook service: https://jenkins.foo.net method: POST


Hi, any suggestion on how to upgrade an older version (0.76.0) of ambassador with latest one without causing any downtime in services?
I am trying to run these two versions in two different namespaces, but no success so far.

Any help would be much appreciated.

kamal prakash
On linux ubuntu After doing all the steps to use ambassador api gateway mentioned in https://hackernoon.com/deploying-java-applications-with-kubernetes-and-an-api-gateway-fc471644bea7. command minikube service shopfront is working as desired but when I access shopfrom cia ambassador api gateway with localhost/shopfront then I get no resource found error . In ubuntu apache is already running on port 80. I have used all yaml files with no change. Loadbalancer is routing to port 80. what is possibly wrong