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cblgh oh dang
cblgh well since you like it so much then it wouldn't be a waste of time!
cblgh fleeky: how are you hosting stuff atm?
fleeky on digital ocean
fleeky i used to self host
fleeky but my circus school was torn down :(
cblgh :<
cblgh sorry to hear that
cblgh node/python/nginx?
fleeky apache for that
fleeky but for prsm.space nginx
noffle i'm on DO too, but would love an r-pi in my home /w a public ip somehow, to self-power this stuff
fleeky i have two droplets
cblgh yeah interesting
noffle maybe /w a solar panel like lowtech magazine
fleeky one for mastodon/matrix , one for self hosted stuff like redmine / monotome random server shit
cblgh i'll think about how i could solve it in a way that leaves hosting open-ended
fleeky noffle: currently i am in germany and dont know the hosting laws ..
fleeky also my upstream is shittttt
fleeky at my old school we had 100 mb down / 50 up which was great
noffle fleeky: maybe behind cjdns or yggdrasil to hide the traffic
fleeky btw this is the thing we are collab thinking about
fleeky maybe but you also need even semi decent up ?
fleeky like atleast 1mb up
fleeky or else anyone will hose you
fleeky ?
fleeky btw that document will be way more detailed soon i just started writing it
cblgh fleeky: btw the latest push monotome makes the scrollbars nicer in ff
fleeky doh , i think mine is not a git repo atm
fleeky actually that should be an issue as well .. for instance i modified the readme.md which would mess up any git pulls
fleeky if it was a git repo
noffle cblgh: fleeky: do you have something set up to watch for changes to rerun the generator script?
fleeky noffle: no i just do that one manually
fleeky but i dont often add new pages
cblgh noffle: no i just run my alias
cblgh since it pulls, commits, pushes, runs the generator
noffle ha, i'm very used to immediate orgmode gratification
noffle it's fun though
noffle ok lunch time~~
cblgh have a good one!
fleeky hmm
fleeky how to upgrade monotome when its not a git repo haha
fleeky i must have accidentally done the zip download option
fleeky although it has a gitignore so i dont know
cblgh ohh yeah i guess download a new zip
cblgh and replace the contents of the monotome folder
fleeky yea
fleeky cblgh: so on your box , do you have a .. 'default' monotome install and another one for your docs?
cblgh yeah