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The only difference is I'm emitting to that user and everyone else there by hand
Which isn't super maintainable and something that won't scale so I gotta fix it
Definitely ambiguous implementation wise whether you send your data to all users always when something changes or only send things that are relevant to the page they're on. It may very well be case by case
Mike DeVita
i want all things updated
Sorry to vanish on you Mike, got a ton going on today. Hopefully I helped a bit. If you need to chat more about this I can late this evening or Sunday
Mike DeVita
you did help a lot i havent had a chance to dig into it more yet, my home server lab is in pieces and im waiting on the UPS guy to get here with some gear so i can put it back together...
Jishnu Viswanath
does any one know good skelton/bootstrap project with Typescript and Koa?
Sorry wrong thread/group
jet oneza
I really like this kit. We use it in production.
aditya shanker tagirisa
Me too we R going to move to production next week
Thanks for the community it helped me a lot
Mike DeVita
Same here

hello all .. I've got a question for you.

within Counter/index.js why do we import injectReducer at the top of the file and not within the require.ensure call, where the other two modules are being imported?

as you can probably tell, I'm quite unfamiliar with to code splitting
Jason Shin
Hi, I have a phonegap app and I need to find out how to use postcss-cssnext
how do you do it?
can someone help??
Jason Shin

I already have it like below

webpackConfig.postcss = [
    autoprefixer: {
      add: true,
      remove: true,
      browsers: ['> 1%']
    discardComments: {
      removeAll: true
    discardUnused: false,
    mergeIdents: false,
    reduceIdents: false,
    safe: true,
    sourcemap: true

how do I add cssnext?
I am basically trying to transpile all cssnext syntax like var(--something)
into standard CSS

aditya shanker tagirisa
can we pass state to layout ?
Jason Shin
@adityashankert Yeah
pass it as props
do you have any code examples?
Nodemon is killing my HMR.. What might I have configured wrong? Hmr works until I do a server side change and trigger a nodemon rerun. It starts working again after I F5 client
Dinesh Ramasamy
Is there any best practices to implement app-wide error?
aditya shanker tagirisa
@JasonShin can you give me example how to pass in plainroute
John Pham
Hey, anyone have example about custom layout for this kit: like: 1 column layout, 2 column layout for different route
aditya shanker tagirisa
finally my app is live with starter kit
thanks for great community support
Carson B

I am running 'npm test' on my app that is using an older version of the starter kit and am getting an error "Module Build Failed. ModuleBuildError". I am using CSS modules and the error messages reference my scss files that I import into my component JS, which works fine outside of tests. Here is one of the many errors I am receiving before the karma server starts:

ERROR in ./~/css-loader?sourceMap&-minimize&modules&importLoaders=1&localIdentName=[name]__[local]___[hash:base64:5]!./~/postcss-loader!./~/sass-loader?sourceMap!./~/toolbox-loader!./~/react-toolbox/lib/animations/slide-right.scss
    Module build failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/.../<project_name>/theme.scss'

And this is the error I am receiving after the karma server and Phantom JS browser start:

PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Mac OS X 0.0.0) ERROR
  Error: Cannot find module "./EmptyState.scss"
  at webpack:///src/components/EmptyState/EmptyState.js:9:0 <- tests/test-bundler.js:76202
Carson B
I figured this out. I needed to pass another key to the karma config from webpack. The key and value pair in my case was toolbox : webpackConfig.toolbox
Hi :), sorry to ask it there, don't know if it's the appropriate place, but anyway..I am kind of stuck here. So, I want to have a simple list of articles (fetched from an external api) on homeview
Does anyone have a working example of such a thing ?
For now, I created a new route (RecentArticles), and tried to add it to home view component, but I have many issues/errors, and not pretty sure where does it come from
I read all docs provided, but as I am quite new to react (and redux as well), I am having difficulties so figure exactly how to do such a basic thing :)
Maybe I should have consider it as a reusable component from the beginning ?
Daniel Winter
hi guys
i have a small question that u sure can answer in a second
how can i push a new route onto the redux-router from within a container?
is it ok to do import { push } from 'react-router-redux' followed by const { dispatch } = this.context.store and then push it via dispatch(push('/company')) ?
Ajain Vivek
hi guys
deploying application to sub folder isn’t working . I tried setting the basename to ‘/sub/‘ and compile_public_path to ‘/sub/‘ but no luck ?
Can someone help out here
aditya shanker tagirisa
compiler_public_path is for assets server path while compiling
you should change the dir_dist in config/index.js
Ajain Vivek
I have multiple react apps serving under sub folder using browserHistory
assets are loading fine with compiler_public_path
aditya shanker tagirisa
try changing the dir_dist in config/index.js
Ajain Vivek
dir_dist refers to dist mapping right?
when I debug I see the routes point to ‘/‘ index and its relative but the app is served under /sub/
If I change index route ‘/sub/‘ it does work but I need to rename all the routes across
Ajain Vivek