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but it's still registering new users even though errors pop up in the console
@mrweissx_twitter thanks for getting back to me on that, you're totally right :) Importing the container (that has the export connect(... call was the proper thing to do.
How are people generally going about setting initial redux state given the fractal pattern of the starter kit?
Oh I think it's done within the "module" alongside the reducer definition
Tobias Lundgren
Hi, I have an simple question. I’m using redux to store props with all my customers and now I only want to list all customers that have country = SE. How can I do this check in react/redux? and then list it in an <li> with .map() or something like that?
Roman Pearah
@lundgren2 Lots of ways you could handle that, but try setting the filter in state also (because that's what it is) and then write a selector for the customers your view sees that either returns all customers or customers filtered as appropriate.
Tobias Lundgren

@neverfox thanks for your reply! I have tried to solve that by Assign the two objects like this:

export function selectCustomer(id) {
  return (dispatch) => {
    return fetch(`/api/customer/get/${id}`, {method: 'get'}).then((response) => {
      if (response.ok) {
        return response.json().then((json) => {
          dispatch(fetchCustomerAddons(id)).then((response) => {
            !response.error ? (
              response.payload.data != null ? (
               json = Object.assign(json, response.payload.data),
               dispatch({type: SELECT_CUSTOMER, customer: json})
             ) : dispatch({type: SELECT_CUSTOMER, customer: json})
           ) : ''

Is that an good (and fast way) to do this?

This is my action function now...
Roman Pearah
not sure what that has to do with your previous question though
Tobias Lundgren
Oh, sorry! Before this two fetch were two different functions. the first were setting and prop = customer, and one other prop = customerAddons...
Now I have combined those two functions til one
Jon Earley
Would anyone have an example to share for setting up a fractal sub-routes?

Looking back I found this resource: davezuko/react-redux-starter-kit#797.

I'll start here.

So is it true you need to do routing with plainRoute objects for lazy loading?
we are using it as component : CoreLayout
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { login, register, fetchUser, logout } from 'store/user'

import CoreLayout from './CoreLayout'

const mapStateToProps = state => ({
  currentUser: state.currentUser

const mapDispatchToProps = {

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(CoreLayout)
aditya shanker tagirisa
Where should we write this ?
Sorry I'm damn new to this
this is the component you add to your route
// routes/index.js
import CoreLayout from '/layouts/Corelayout/CorelayoutContainer.js
export const createRoutes = (store) => ({
  path: '/',
  component: CoreLayout,
//  ...
aditya shanker tagirisa
import React from 'react'
export const CoreLayout = ({ children }) => (


InternalLayout.propTypes = {
  children : React.PropTypes.element.isRequired

export default CoreLayout
currently this is the corelayout code from where i will get to access the props?

Can anyone weigh in on a best practices question? I'm refactoring towards better componentization (I jammed tons into one component/module/container pair). So far so good, with the exception of what I should do with my action handlers/reducer code.

Should these all live in my high level component for this route? Should I break them down to the component level where they're generated? (I don't think I can just repeat the injectReducer pattern in my index.js because I'd overwrite the key)

I'm looking more for theory on a smart way to architect this vs technical help on how to do it, but I'm still learning so I may be naive to technical limitations. Happy to give specifics on the project if it'll help, but I don't wanna spam irrelevant detail if not. I have a few more thoughts as to options here but I don't want to make this into a giant wall of text /shrug

@joshuaandrewhoffman You can either put new actions in the store folder or in the module folder of a specific route, like routes/counter/modules
If the actions were only being used by a single route, I would put them in a modules folder.
and you can inject as many reducers as you want. Just change the key.
@jakehm so there's no actual dependency created between the store name and the reducer name? In the examples they're the same so I assumed some plumbing/magic was happening somewhere I hadn't found yet. As I'm typing it though that magic sounds inconsistent with my understanding of how reducers work in redux 😅 so I think maybe I get why the key change would work.
Thanks a ton for the input on this! I'm glad I decided to do this refactor, I'm learning a lot of stuff I missed or didn't fully grok
Nilay Kothari
hey all,
I am new to redux, just wanted to ask what data should store in redux store?
Is it good to store form data in redux store?
How often should I connect to store to update data (i.e. is it fine to update store data on text field change event?), which don't affect performance?
help me to get it started..
@kotharinilay it does affect performance but you can do it. If you don't need to update the state every time the user types a new letter, I would use refs to only update state on submit
If you are asking about putting the value in the store vs state, I think the performance is the same.
When I save changes to components, there's no reload, but when I make changes to stuff that isn't as deep, like routes, reload does work. Anyone know what's going on?
i did yarn clean, which is the script for rifram and it kind of broke everything
also are there any plans to move to rr 4 soon? I think I need it for my hmr to work.
@kotharinilay both your questions very much depend on what you are trying to do. Do you have some use case or example?
Sanjin Šarić

Hi guys. I would like to import a stylesheet that would be local and NOT loaded from cdn, how do I do that?

For example how would I add bootstrap.sass (from node modules) to be loaded locally.

Terry Raimondo
Hey, is there something simpler than Counter/index.js to declare the component ? Why is it important to do it async ? I'm kinda new to React and Redux so I do not want to add more noise to my brain, already much things to learn. The thing is I don't understand require.ensure([], (require) => :heart:
@terry90 this is to support webpack code splitting (https://webpack.github.io/docs/code-splitting.html)
@terry90 so instead of your entire app existing in 1 large .js file, you can split separate routes into separate files that are loaded on demand
Félix Bayart
Hi guys ! I wanted your advices on what would be the best strategy to implement a first async fetch when loading a new route.
As the components should remain purely functional, I guess adding a componentDidMount isn't the right way to go ??
Hello guys, sry foe noobie question, but is this starter kit isomorphic.
Roman Pearah
@yukulelix You might consider responding to a LOCATION_CHANGE action using react-router-redux and redux-saga.
can smb tell me what is path from index.html to npm folder.
I was confused that why use [COUNTER_INCREMENT] instead of COUNTER_INCREMENT in the boiler code. Who can give me some tips?
// ------------------------------------
// Action Handlers
// ------------------------------------
  [COUNTER_INCREMENT]    : (state, action) => state + action.payload,
  [COUNTER_DOUBLE_ASYNC] : (state, action) => state * 2
Preston Manning Bernstein
Hey everyone
I would like to submit a pull request to this projecty
A simple update to the README to clarify the current Developer Tools implementation
How could I go about getting authorization to contribute to this repo? Thanks so much